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Petition zur Eröffnung des Grenzübergangs Dolní Poustevna - Sebnitz für Pendler

Der Bürgermeister von Dolní Poustevna, Robert Holec, richtete eine Petition an die tschechische Regierung, den Grenzübergang Dolní Poustevna - Sebnitz für Pendler zu öffnen.


The mayor of Dolní Poustevna, Robert Holec, addressed a petition to the Czech government to open the Dolní Poustevna - Sebnitz border crossing for commuters. The petition demands a reasonable possibility to travel to work. Representatives of towns on the Czech and German sides of the Elbe/Labe Euroregion also demand that the border crossing be opened.

"The risk of the border closure being relaxed is not great compared to the impact on the lives of people who have to travel 150 km a day, because it is the same group of people who are affected by this concern and need, and the latter I have classified as more serious," said the mayor.