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Neustadt town museum

Local history of Neustadt/Sa.

Inspired by a citizen of Neustadt and a newspaper publisher, the collection of regional material witnesses began as early as 1871. In 1874 the museum was opened. Almost 100 years later, after an eventful history, it was closed. In preparation for its planned reopening in 1991, intensive collecting activities were started on the subjects of the history of handicrafts, industrial and technical history, artificial flower production and objects of art by regional artists as well as the everyday history of the town of Neustadt. Intensive research was carried out and meticulously documented. Nevertheless, the museum was only reopened in 1997.

The Neustadt/Saxony City Museum is housed in the old malt house of the former Schmole brewery. On two floors, it provides information about important stages in the town's history, such as gold mining, the artificial flower industry and agricultural engineering, as well as about important personalities who were active far beyond the town's borders.

On the first floor of the house you can discover thematically arranged themes for yourself: manors of the surrounding villages Langburkersdorf and Polenz, artificial flower production in Neustadt, file cutting in Neustadt, marksmanship, middle-class life around 1890 as well as the rope workshop with sales counter. On this floor is also the special exhibition room, where four different special exhibitions are shown every year.

On the second floor you can stroll chronologically through the history of the town. Starting with the founding of the town around 1300 by Freiberg miners, the gold deposits in neighbouring Hohwald, the Neustadt craftsmanship, and topics such as postal history, company history, with the focus on VEB Kombinat Fortschritt Landmaschinen and life after the Second World War.

Furthermore, four personalities of the town are presented: Wilhelm Leberecht Götzinger, pastor and discoverer of Saxon Switzerland, Wilhelm Kaulisch, teacher and local poet, Julius Mißbach, publisher and politically committed Neustadt man and Friedrich Adolf August Struve, the inventor of artificial mineral water.

Several small adventure stations allow children to experience the museum.


Malzgasse 7
01844 Neustadt in Sachsen

Opening hours

Monday closed

Tuesday - Thursday: 9.30 - 16.00

Friday: 9.30 - 14.00 hours

Saturday, Sunday: 13.00 - 17.00


Adults 2,00 €

Reduced 1,00 €

Children under 6 years - free

Per guided tour once 10,00 €


Special exhibition

The end of the war in Neustadt in Saxony - an exhibition on the events of the last days of the war and post-war days in May 1945

(until 02.08.2020)


The most convenient - because most frequently served - bus stop is "Wilhelm-Kaulisch-Straße, Neustadt" directions_railway directions_bus. From there it is about 300 m to the museum.

From the train station "Neustadt in Sachsen" (there are many Neustadt in Germany) directions_railway directions_bus you walk about 700 m through the city centre.

There are plenty of parking spaces in the surroundings.