Euroregion Elbe/Labe

Friedensfahrt der Junioren - Terezín 2018





Lead Partner:

Internationale Sachsen-Tour des Radrennsports e.V.
1.2.2018// Sportpark Ostra Fechthalle, Pieschener Allee 1// PF 160223, 01288 Dresden

Project partner:

Cyklistický klub Slavoj Terezín
Akademická 409, 411 55 Terezín, Česká republika, 41155 Terezín


24.03.18 - 31.10.18


3.999,03 Euro


The junior peace race has been held in Terezín since 1974. In its category, it is one of the largest and oldest races in the world and is regularly classified in the Nations' Cup. In the past, numerous Czech, German and a whole range of world-famous racing drivers took part in the juniors' peace run. It is a tradition that the main organizer, CK Slavoj Terezín, organizes the race with a German partner. This includes the participation of a mixed team from the Elbe-Labe Euroregion, consisting of three athletes from Saxony, three athletes from the Czech Republic and a mixed support team - two representatives from Germany and one representative from the Czech Republic. Another part of the collaboration is the organization of the stage finish in Saxony. The race targets young athletes aged 17 and 18 and a wide viewing platform on both sides of the border. For the overall project, there is close cooperation with the German Peace Travel Museum in Kleinmühlingen near Magdeburg, which has a tradition of more than ten years. In 2018, a cycling museum will also be founded on the Czech side, which will be ceremoniously opened on May 4th, 2018 during the 2018 Junior Peace Ride. Mr. Horst Schäfer, Director of the Peace Museum in Kleinmühlingen, has agreed to take part in the opening and the Junior Peace Ride, and other personalities in German cycling, such as Gustav Adolf Schur, two-time cycling world champion and two-time winner of the International Peace Ride, as well as other personalities in German cycling have confirmed also their participation. Gustav Adolf Schur took over the honorary sponsorship of the juniors' peace ride in 2018. This project is an investment in sustainability and a more external impact for the future of the cycling project.

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Ergebnisse, Mehrwert, Nachhaltigkeit

The race enables a qualitatively high performance comparison of the young racing drivers in the world competition. The running of the race is a very effective advertisement for the Elbe-Labe Euroregion. The race attracts spectators from all over the country, from the border regions of Germany, as well as from other countries. The spectators form the spectator backdrop for the race and at the same time make use of the services of local traders, especially for overnight stays, meals and other offers. In this context, the race supports tourism, improving the economy of local traders and increasing the local standard of living. All expenses that are related to the budget of the Euroregion Elbe-Labe are paid to suppliers who do the accounting in our region. The deepening of the cooperation with other German partners (Friedensfahrtmuseum in Kleinmühlingen and important personalities of the German cycling sport) contribute in particular to increasing the sustainability of the project “Peace Ride of Juniors”. This inclusion of important and well-known personalities of German and Czech cycling is a new approach to visually emphasize the Euroregion to a special extent.

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Best practice

Die Friedensfahrt der Junioren ist ein internationales Radrennen und ist ein Serienrennen des National Cups. Dazu gehören ca. acht Radrennen mit ähnlichem Charakter auf der ganzen Welt. Jedes Jahr stehen ca. 24 Nationen und 140 Rennfahrer am Start. Traditionell übernimmt die Schirmherrschaft für die Friedensfahrt der Junioren der Landkreisvorsitzende von Ústí nad Labem. In den einzelnen Etappenstädten übernehmen die Bürgermeister der Städte die Schirmherrschaft über die Etappen des Rennens und nehmen persönlich am Start oder am Ziel teil und übermitteln ihre Glückwünsche den Gewinnern der einzelnen Etappen bzw. nehmen persönlich oder ein ausgewählter Repräsentant an der Siegerehrung teil.

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