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This is where you find all news from Euroregion Elbe/Labe since April 2020. Older news can be found in the archive.

July 2024

Applications for small projects with an unverifiable number of participants

We are pleased to announce that as of today, July 19, 2024, our application system for projects with a non-verifiable number of participants will be activated!

Weekly review no. 41

Former Hejtman competes again - 10 years of the National Park Railway celebrated - Sculpture exhibition on July 27 in Řehlovice - Germany not so unpopular with the Czechs

Annual pass for Schlösserland Sachsen on offer for just 48 euros

The schlösserlandKARTE for 1 year, which gives you free admission to 40 castles, palaces, gardens, parks, monasteries etc. in Saxony, is currently available for just 48 euros (instead of 60).

Weekly review no. 40

Major step forward for the Ore Mountains protected area - Population decline in the Czech Republic - Krupka closes Kyšperk castle ruins - Building permit in 30 days - Sokol Congress celebrates in Prague

10 years of the Sebnitz-Dolní Poustevna link will be celebrated on July 5

The anniversary of the closing of the gap will be celebrated at the stations in Sebnitz and Dolní Poustevna, including a special train from Prague.

June 2024

Czech Film Wednesday on July 3: »Marečku, podejte mi pero!« (Marecek, pass me the pen!)

On July 3 at 8 pm, we will be showing the film "Marečku, podejte mi pero!" (Marecek, pass me the pen!) from 1976 at Zentralkino Dresden.

Weekly review no. 39

Bezirk Ústí stimmt Schnellbahntrasse zu – Neuer tschechischer Botschafter in Berlin – Stabile Brutzahlen bei Wanderfalken – Umfrage: Mehrheit für Dosenpfand – Wenzelsplatz erhält künftig Tram

35th General Assembly of the Labe Euroregion

On Tuesday, June 25, 2024, the 35th meeting of the General Assembly of the Voluntary Association of Municipalities of the Labe Euroregion took place at the Municipality of Ústí nad Labem.

Another 15 Czech-Saxon projects approved

The 3rd meeting of the Local Steering Committee of the Small Projects Fund of the Euroregion Elbe/Labe took place on Friday, June 21, 2024.

Weekly review no. 38

2 Mrd. Dollar für Chipfabrik in Tschechien – Bezirk Liberec will Berghotel Jeschken sanieren – Präsident Pavel auf Besuch in Nordböhmen – Biertrinker sollen wertvolle Grablege retten – Museum Česká Lípa übernimmt Heimatarchiv Waldkraiburg – Zukunftsfonds bewilligt deutsch-tschechische Projekte

Weekly review no. xx

A lesson to be learned in the Czech Republic too – exchanging old crowns ends up in banks – Ústí district attracts filmmakers as a film location – specialist conference on “homesick tourism” of displaced persons in Teplice

Temporary shutdown of the online application system in the Small Projects Fund from 9 to 16 July

From 9 to 16 July 2024, the online application system of the Small Projects Fund in the Elbe/Labe Euroregion will be temporarily shut down.

Results of the 2024 European elections - Ústí District
Weekly review no. 36

Schweres Zugunglück fordert vier Tote – In Tschechien wird bereits gewählt – Krupka saniert St.-Wolfgang-Kapelle – Neue Attraktionen am Milada-See – Neue Züge zwischen Děčín und Rumburk

May 2024

Weekly review no. 35

Czech Republic is ice hockey world champion – garrison towns receive funding – border controls are extended – gas transit fees are abolished – financing of the Beneš Bridge is clarified

»»Rok ďabla«« (The Year of the Devil) on June 5 at Czech Film Wednesday

The extraordinary and award-winning film about well-known Czech musicians will be shown on June 5th at 8 p.m. in the Zentralkino Dresden.

Night of the Churches in Czechia on June 7

On the Night of Churches on June 7, 1,757 churches and prayer houses throughout the Czech Republic will be open.

Weekly review no. 34

Spektakuläre Kunst am Prager Kaufhaus Máj – Kleiner E-Auto-Boom in Tschechien – 60. Beethoven-Festival in Teplice – Präsident Pavel leicht verletzt nach Motorradunfall – Teplice zeigt Ausstellung über den Hohnsteiner Kasper – Neue Elbfähre zum Kult-Freibad

Weekly review no. 33

Partial confession in arson trial – Wolfsberg Tower reopened – Police report more violations in motorway tunnel – Ústí Museum wins prize

Discussion on the status of German-Czech cooperation on May 27 in Dresden

On May 27th from 1 p.m. a panel discussion will take place in the Dresden Environmental Center under the title "20 years of joint projects: Where is Czech-German cooperation heading?"

Weekly review no. xx

Czech Republic closes first open-cast mine – Trains to Krupka soon to return – Chemnitz christens tram "Ústí nad Labem" – Ice Hockey World Championship starts in Czech Republic

Weekly review no. 31

Hřensko's new mayor wants to close border huts – Jeschken cable car to be extended – Pirna students translate fate of a Winton child – Steinmeier and von der Leyen in Prague

April 2024

Conference about displaced persons, (homesick) tourists and 'new settlers' on June 9-11 in Teplice

Together with the German Society, we invite you to a conference on displaced persons in the GDR, their "homesick tourism" to their old homeland in Czechoslovakia and their encounters with "new settlers" there from 9 to 11 June in Teplice.

Weekly review no. 30

New location for Czech lithium production – Roma memorial opened – Žatec wins title of “Historic City of the Czech Republic” – New Elbe bridges for pedestrians and cyclists

»Obecná škola« (The Elementary School) on May 1st at Czech Film Wednesday

On May 1st, the day of love (and not work!) in the Czech Republic, we will be showing the wonderful feel-good film »Obecná škola« (The Elementary School) by father and son Svěrák at 8 p.m. in the Zentralkino Dresden.

Weekly review no. 29

100 years of the Erzgebirge Theatre in Teplice – Interest in the European Union is growing in the Czech Republic – High-speed rail line: decision in June – Whooping cough wave in northern Bohemia

Kick-off conference of the German-Czech project "Neighbouring language from the start!"

Immerse yourself in the neighboring language spa at the joint project launch on April 29, 2024 in Ústí nad Labem and find out exactly what is planned in this project.

Weekly review no. 28

Ústí District modernizes Rumburk Hospital – Děčín acquires electric buses – Unemployment highest in Northern Bohemia – The Bystroň affair and the Czech newspaper Deník N

Eight German-Czech projects receive funding

Today, funding for eight German-Czech projects from the small projects fund of the Euroregion Elbe/Labe was approved.

Weekly review no. 27

Česká Kamenice has an astronomical clock again – Construction of the Eger cycle path begins – German-language tours of the Ústí Zoo – Day without rushing

March 2024

»Bílá nemoc« on April 3rd at Czech Film Wednesday

The 1937 film “Bílá nemoc” (The White Disease) used the example of a fictional dictatorship to draw attention to the dangers of fascism.

Weekly review no. 26

Giant Easter egg in Jablonné v Podještědí - Start of the tourist railway season - Easter riding in Mikulášovice - NGOs criticize the housing situation in Prague

Weekly review no. x

Präsident Petr Pavel zu Besuch in Dresden – Ausstellung des Reliquienschatzes des Prager Veitsdoms im Lipsiusbau – Ústí verabschiedet legendäre Škoda-Obusse – Filmfestival »Jeden svět« gestartet – Mehr Zugverbindungen nach Prag – Sanierte Synagoge in Žatec eröffnet – Tschechische Literatur in Leipzig

Filmfestival "One World" also in Ústí und Děčín

The human rights film festival “Everyone Svět” will take place in Ústí nad Labem until March 23rd and in Děčín from April 10th to 13th.

Now also in German: Video about Edmund's gorge and Gabriela's path

German subtitles make the interesting video understandable even without knowledge of the Czech language.

Weekly review no. 24

Edmundsklamm closed for another three years - Děčín Zoo car-free for three months - Czech Republic celebrates 25 years of NATO membership - Discontent between Prague and Bratislava

Circulation procedure No.1

On March 4, 2024, circulation procedure No. 1 took place in the Elbe/Labe Euroregion.

Weekly review no. 23

Vorerst keine RegioJet-Züge nach Prag – Bischofsweihe in Litoměřice – Tschechien stärkt Deutsch – Sowjetdenkmal muss weichen

Weekly review no. 22

Direct bus from Schmilka to Prebischtor - Elbe shipyard near Děčín is insolvent - Average income in the Czech Republic is around 10,700 euros - Small ski areas are drawing a line - Parliament rejects "marriage for all".

Constitutive meeting of the local steering committee of the KPF EEL

On Friday, February 2, 2024, the first meeting of the KPF EEL took place in Ústí nad Labem.

February 2024

»Rozpuštěný a vypuštěný« on March 6 at Czech Film Wednesday

With the crime thriller “Rozpuštěný a vypuštěný” (Dissolved and Drained) we will be releasing on March 6th. a small insight into the Jára Cimrman universe of the legendary duo Svěrák/Smoljak.

Weekly review no. 21

New prices for motorway tolls in the Czech Republic – Flooding again in Dolní Žleb – Corruption scandal in Ústí – Legendary express train is traveling to Prague again

Weekly review no. 20

Mandau-Radweg wird verlängert – Kirchenbezirk Dresden-Mitte schließt Partnerschaft mit Děčín – Schneemangel bedroht Grundwasser – Innenministerin kündigt Verlängerung der Grenzkontrollen an

We are looking for employees for a project with kindergartens

The Euroregion is looking for two new language assistants for a project on neighborhood language education in kindergartens.

Weekly review no. 19

Děčín is renovating the Long Drive – Ski resorts defy the thaw – Czech Republic still without euro – Former ambassador to Germany František Černý is dead

Weekly review no. 18

Overburden excavator near Most should become an attraction - The path to the Grundmühle is partially closed - The legendary Kotva department store is being renovated - The largest battery storage facility in the Czech Republic is in operation

January 2024

Miloš Forman's debut film "Černý Petr" on February 7 at Czech Film Wednesday

On the first Wednesday in February at 8 p.m. we will be showing “Černý Petr” (Black Peter) from 1963 in the Central Cinema as part of the “Czech Film Wednesday” series.

Zvýšené denní sazby ve FMP

In the small project fund, the daily rates will be adjusted from February 1, 2024.

Weekly review no. 17

Cheetah offspring in Ústí – Forest sets up shelters – Road to Hřensko open again

Weekly review no. 16

New monument to Jan Palach and Jan Zajíc in Děčín – “Hole of Ústí” will be closed – Excessive parliamentary debate on postal voting

Weekly review no. 15

Road to Dolní Žleb above water again - Hřensko's mayor resigns - Trial of scandal flasher - Opening of the Lety Roma memorial in April

V Děčíně bude v úterý odhalen mimořádný památník Jana Palacha

On Tuesday, January 16, at 6 pm, an unusual memorial commemorating the self-immolation of Jan Palach and Jan Zajíc 55 years ago will be unveiled in front of the Evangelical Church in Děčín.

Weekly review no. 14

Epiphany gathering has begun - Second Elbe flood - Pope chooses new bishop of Litoměřice - 90 years of the Nelson mine accident

December 2023

Weekly review no. 13

Tschechien im Schock – Elbe-Pegel steigen – Berghütte Lovoš findet neuen Betreiber

Bohemian Christmas mass by the composer Jakub Jan Ryba.

The Bohemian Christmas Mass (Czech Česká mše vánoční ) is the best-known work by the Bohemian composer Jakub Jan Ryba . It is also known by the opening verse Hej mistře and popularly as Rybovka .

Weekly review no. 12

National park railway runs for another 10 years - Děčín builds maternity hospital - To the Christmas market in the Czech Republic - Ústí district loses residents - Czech Republic's economy is shrinking significantly

Weekly review no. 11

Bohemian glass craft receives UNESCO title - Germany extends border controls - cross-country ski trails and slopes prepared

Weekly review no. 10

First German-Czech Regional Forum – School strike and doctors’ protest in the Czech Republic –
The route of the new Dresden-Prague line should be determined next year

November 2023

»Český sen« (The Czech dream) on Dec. 6th in the series Czech Film Wednesday

On the first Wednesday in December at 8 p.m. in the Central Cinema we are showing the somewhat mean documentary satire "Český sen" (The Czech Dream) from 2004 as part of the "Czech Film Wednesday" series.

Fond malých projektů EEL 2023-2028

This means that you will have to pay for the financing of the Fondu malých project EEL in 2023-2028.

Weekly review no. 9

Deutsche Bahn chose full tunnel option - Edmundsklamm will remain closed in 2024 - RegioJet replaces České dráhy in Ústí regional traffic - Trekking huts for the Ore Mountains - Million-dollar projects for the Saxon-Czech border area

Digitální Kulturní pas EEL - léto 2022

V současné době je Kulturní pas EEL dispozici nově dostupný v mobilní aplikaci Uneeqly. Cesta k získání Kulturního pasu se tak nyní značně zjednodušila.

Ausstellungseröffnung "Madonna auf Wanderschaft" am 24.11. in Dresden

Die Ausstellung zur Fürstenauer Madonna ist ab dem 24. November bis zum 7. Januar in der Dresdner Kreuzkirche zu sehen.

Weekly review no. 8

Educational agreement for bilingual high school - New town partners Dohna and Chlumec - Does a wildcat live in Bohemian Switzerland? - Karel Schwarzenberg passed away

Weekly review no. 7

Shift factory receives monument status - Kyjov dam is renovated - forest arsonist charged

Weekly review no. 6

Czech National Day – Shift exhibition in the Senate – TDKT opens

Exhibition “Czech Heroines” will take place on November 2nd. opened

The exhibition "Czech Heroines - Important Women of Czech History and Present" will be on view from November 2, 2023 to January 11, 2024 in the Dresden Cultural City Hall.

October 2023

“Banger” on November 1st at Czech Film Wednesday

On November 1st A current film at Film Wednesday: "Banger", a hard film in the drug and rap milieu of Prague, shot with an iPhone.

Weekly review no. 5

Czech National Day – Shift exhibition in the Senate – TDKT opens

Weekly review no. 4

Stationary border controls - Bust for August the Strong - Teplice modernizes cultural center - New podcast: Czech Republic six times

Weekly review no. 3

German gravestones in the rose garden - buses instead of ECs - tourist club buys Wolfsberg property

September 2023

Exhibition “Madonna on the Move” from October 6th. in Krupka

The eventful history of an altar between Saxony and Bohemia can be seen in the municipal library in Krupka from October 6th to November 16th.

Weekly review no. 2

Žatec is a world heritage site - Ústí district is recruiting doctors - Ore Mountains nature reserve is being planned

»Příběhy obyčejného šílenství« on Oct. 4th in the series Czech Film Wednesday

The film is called “Příběhy obyčejného šílenství” (Stories of Everyday Madness), but that was too long for the title. This somewhat absurd comedy runs on October 4th. at 8 p.m. in the Zentralkino Dresden in the “Czech Film Wednesday” series.

Weekly review no. 1

Žatec is a world heritage site - Ústí district is recruiting doctors - Ore Mountains nature reserve is being planned

Culinary delights at Kuckuckstein Castle

At the weekend, Kuckuckstein Castle in Liebstadt invites you to taste and linger for two days.

Voting for viewer's choice movie has started

Voting for the desired film, which will be shown on December 6th at Czech Film Wednesday, will run until the end of September.

August 2023

»Akumulátor 1« on Sept. 6th in the series Czech Film Wednesday

On the first Wednesday in September at 8 p.m. in the central cinema we will be showing the imaginative action comedy »Akumulátor 1« from 1994 as part of the "Czech Film Wednesday" series.

Albert Schweitzer organ concert on 16.9. in Děčín

Organ concert on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Albert Schweitzer's visit to Tetschen (Děčín)

July 2023

»Světáci« on 02.08. at the Czech Film Wednesday

On the first Wednesday in August, we will show the fast-paced comedy "Světáci" from 1969 at 8 p.m. in the Central Cinema as part of the "Czech Film Wednesday" series.

Exhibition "Madonna on the hike" from July 25th in Dubí

On July 25th at 5 p.m. the exhibition "Madonna on the hike" about the Fürstenau Madonna altar will open in the "Blue Blood Museum" in Dubí. She will stay there until September 21st.

Historical atlas of the Euroregion available again

A few copies of the popular atlas with historical maps of Bohemia, Saxony and above all the area of the Euroregion Elbe/Labe are available again.

3rd Care4Nature Camp in the Erzgebirge from 14 to 20 August

The German-Czech Care4Nature Camp in the Erztgebirge near Oberwiesenthal promotes the international exchange of young people and young adults between the ages of 16 and 27 with biotope care, scythe workshops and excursions.

June 2023

Ing. Petr Medáček is Honorary President of the Euroregion Labe

On April 28, 2023, the Council of the Euroregion Labe Association of Municipalities appointed Ing. Petr Medáček Honorary President.

Wanderexpress Bohemica and Letní kometa will run also in the next years

The Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe and the Ústecký kraj have confirmed that the regional trains between Dresden and the Czech Republic will continue to operate in the future.

May 2023

Selected Czech Republic on May 24, 2023: Nela Rywiková - Children of Rage

On Wednesday, May 24th, 2023, at 7.30 p.m., the Czech author Nela Rywiková will read from her book "Children of Anger" in the Dresden Central Library.

Sponsoring contract with the Sparkasse at the working committee of the KG Euroregion

At today's meeting of the KG Euroregion working committee, the sponsoring contract with the Sparkasse was signed.

Conference of the mayors in the Šluknov area on April 27th, 2023 in Krásná Lípa

On Thursday, April 27, 2023, the first cross-border conference of mayors in the Šluknov area took place in Krasna Lipa.

Nové předsednictvo DSO Euroregionu Labe

V pátek 28.4. zvolila Rada EL nově předsedu a dva místopředsedy DSO EL

April 2023

»Pelišky« on May 3rd at the Czech Film Wednesday

On May 5th at 8 p.m. we will be showing the great comedy »Pelišky« in the Dresden Central Cinema as part of the Czech Film Wednesday series.