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Announcement of German-Czech Journalist Award

Proposals for the German-Czech Journalism Award can be submitted until June 30th, 2020.


From the press release of the German-Czech Future Fund:

The competition for the German-Czech Journalism Prize 2020 is open. Applications can be submitted until 30.6.2020.

In its fifth year, the German-Czech Future Fund, together with the journalist associations of both countries (DJV and Syndikát novinářů), is again awarding a total of eight prizes for outstanding journalists whose work arouses interest in the neighbouring country and contributes to a better understanding between Germans and Czechs through their differentiated and cliché-conscious reporting.

"The mutual perception is also currently strongly dominated by the Corona crisis, which unfortunately is also rekindling prejudices that were thought to have already been overcome, and is directing the focus of many media primarily towards Germany. This makes it all the more topical and urgent for us to offer this prize, which we would like to use to support journalists working across borders with an unbiased view," say Petra Ernstberger and Tomáš Jelínek, the managing directors of the German-Czech Future Fund.

Prizes will be awarded to the best German and Czech-language contributions of the past 12 months in the categories text, audio and multimedia (including TV). In addition, the special prize "Milena Jesenská" is awarded to a German or Czech contribution that focuses on the topics of moral courage, multicultural understanding and tolerance in a special way and with a contemporary relevance. With the special award for long-term outstanding journalistic activity, the organizers honor journalists or journalistic formats that have rendered outstanding services to more differentiated reporting on the neighboring country over a longer period of time.

The prize is endowed with 2000 Euros each, while the special award for long-term activity is an honorary award without prize money.

Contributions can be submitted by the authors themselves, or proposed by editorial offices or third parties. This year, for the first time, two entries per author and category may be submitted to the competition. A nomination by a third party is required for the special award.

The call for entries and the conditions of participation as well as further information on the award are available online at:

A short video review of the last year can be found here:

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