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April 2024

Weekly review no. 29

100 years of the Erzgebirge Theatre in Teplice – Interest in the European Union is growing in the Czech Republic – High-speed rail line: decision in June – Whooping cough wave in northern Bohemia

Weekly review no. 28

Ústí District modernizes Rumburk Hospital – Děčín acquires electric buses – Unemployment highest in Northern Bohemia – The Bystroň affair and the Czech newspaper Deník N

Weekly review no. 27

Česká Kamenice has an astronomical clock again – Construction of the Eger cycle path begins – German-language tours of the Ústí Zoo – Day without rushing

March 2024

Weekly review no. 26

Giant Easter egg in Jablonné v Podještědí - Start of the tourist railway season - Easter riding in Mikulášovice - NGOs criticize the housing situation in Prague

Weekly review no. x

Präsident Petr Pavel zu Besuch in Dresden – Ausstellung des Reliquienschatzes des Prager Veitsdoms im Lipsiusbau – Ústí verabschiedet legendäre Škoda-Obusse – Filmfestival »Jeden svět« gestartet – Mehr Zugverbindungen nach Prag – Sanierte Synagoge in Žatec eröffnet – Tschechische Literatur in Leipzig

Weekly review no. 24

Edmundsklamm closed for another three years - Děčín Zoo car-free for three months - Czech Republic celebrates 25 years of NATO membership - Discontent between Prague and Bratislava

Weekly review no. 23

Vorerst keine RegioJet-Züge nach Prag – Bischofsweihe in Litoměřice – Tschechien stärkt Deutsch – Sowjetdenkmal muss weichen

Weekly review no. 22

Direct bus from Schmilka to Prebischtor - Elbe shipyard near Děčín is insolvent - Average income in the Czech Republic is around 10,700 euros - Small ski areas are drawing a line - Parliament rejects "marriage for all".

February 2024

Weekly review no. 21

New prices for motorway tolls in the Czech Republic – Flooding again in Dolní Žleb – Corruption scandal in Ústí – Legendary express train is traveling to Prague again

Weekly review no. 20

Mandau-Radweg wird verlängert – Kirchenbezirk Dresden-Mitte schließt Partnerschaft mit Děčín – Schneemangel bedroht Grundwasser – Innenministerin kündigt Verlängerung der Grenzkontrollen an

Weekly review no. 19

Děčín is renovating the Long Drive – Ski resorts defy the thaw – Czech Republic still without euro – Former ambassador to Germany František Černý is dead

Weekly review no. 18

Overburden excavator near Most should become an attraction - The path to the Grundmühle is partially closed - The legendary Kotva department store is being renovated - The largest battery storage facility in the Czech Republic is in operation

January 2024

Weekly review no. 17

Cheetah offspring in Ústí – Forest sets up shelters – Road to Hřensko open again

Weekly review no. 16

New monument to Jan Palach and Jan Zajíc in Děčín – “Hole of Ústí” will be closed – Excessive parliamentary debate on postal voting

Weekly review no. 15

Road to Dolní Žleb above water again - Hřensko's mayor resigns - Trial of scandal flasher - Opening of the Lety Roma memorial in April

Weekly review no. 14

Epiphany gathering has begun - Second Elbe flood - Pope chooses new bishop of Litoměřice - 90 years of the Nelson mine accident

December 2023

Weekly review no. 13

Tschechien im Schock – Elbe-Pegel steigen – Berghütte Lovoš findet neuen Betreiber

Weekly review no. 12

National park railway runs for another 10 years - Děčín builds maternity hospital - To the Christmas market in the Czech Republic - Ústí district loses residents - Czech Republic's economy is shrinking significantly

Weekly review no. 11

Bohemian glass craft receives UNESCO title - Germany extends border controls - cross-country ski trails and slopes prepared

Weekly review no. 10

First German-Czech Regional Forum – School strike and doctors’ protest in the Czech Republic –
The route of the new Dresden-Prague line should be determined next year

November 2023

Weekly review no. 9

Deutsche Bahn chose full tunnel option - Edmundsklamm will remain closed in 2024 - RegioJet replaces České dráhy in Ústí regional traffic - Trekking huts for the Ore Mountains - Million-dollar projects for the Saxon-Czech border area

Weekly review no. 8

Educational agreement for bilingual high school - New town partners Dohna and Chlumec - Does a wildcat live in Bohemian Switzerland? - Karel Schwarzenberg passed away

Weekly review no. 7

Shift factory receives monument status - Kyjov dam is renovated - forest arsonist charged

Weekly review no. 6

Czech National Day – Shift exhibition in the Senate – TDKT opens

October 2023

Weekly review no. 5

Czech National Day – Shift exhibition in the Senate – TDKT opens

Weekly review no. 4

Stationary border controls - Bust for August the Strong - Teplice modernizes cultural center - New podcast: Czech Republic six times

Weekly review no. 3

German gravestones in the rose garden - buses instead of ECs - tourist club buys Wolfsberg property

September 2023

Weekly review no. 2

Žatec is a world heritage site - Ústí district is recruiting doctors - Ore Mountains nature reserve is being planned

Weekly review no. 1

Žatec is a world heritage site - Ústí district is recruiting doctors - Ore Mountains nature reserve is being planned

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