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Weekly review no. 3

German gravestones in the rose garden - buses instead of ECs - tourist club buys Wolfsberg property


German gravestones in the rose garden

Gefundene Grabstein am Schloss Děčín (© Miroslava Poskočilová/Schloss Děčín) The rose garden at Děčín Castle will be renovated by the end of 2025. The workers came across a surprising find. Nine gravestones served as bases for vases and plant pots. Research has shown that they used to stand in the municipal cemetery of Podmokly (Bodenbach) in Škrabky and were apparently later removed and taken to the construction yard. During the renovation of the rose garden in the 1960s, they came to the castle as building material. Since they lay with their backs facing up, most of the grave inscriptions have been preserved. The names come from German residents before 1945, when the city was predominantly populated by Germans.

The castle management would like to return the gravestones to their original location. “In two weeks, when the work on the cemetery fence is completed, the stones will return to the cemetery,” announced castle director Miroslava Poskočilová. Historian Petr Joza, from the regional archives in Děčín, pointed out that the tombstones are worth preserving because they were made in the Germanic style in the 1930s. Some of them have already been left in the cemetery as an example.

The renovation will return the rose garden to its original form. As a result, there are no steps and the garden will be deeper in the future, but on one level. New additions include water features and access to the bastion. The roses are also being replanted. The current roses have already moved to the south garden. The rose garden is scheduled to reopen at the end of 2025.

Buses instead of ECs

Due to construction work on the control and safety technology in the Königstein - Kurort Rathen section, all international connections from Dresden to Ústí nad Labem (Aussig) will be canceled between October 17th and 27th. Instead, replacement buses will run from Dresden main station, Strehlener Straße. The buses leave 10 minutes earlier than the trains. From Ústí there is a connection to the onward journey to Prague or Graz and Budapest. Replacement buses also run on the return journey. These depart from Ústí six minutes later and arrive in Dresden later. From Dresden there is a connection to trains to Leipzig as well as Berlin and Hamburg. You can find the exact timetable here .

Tourist club buys Wolfsberg property

The Czech Tourist Club (KČT), section Krásná Lípa (Schönlinde), bought the property right next to the observation tower on Vlčí hora (Wolfsberg). There was a cabin on the property that burned down in the spring. The tower was also damaged, but was able to remain open. The tower belongs to the city of Krásná Lípa, with which the tourist club cooperates. “It was important to us that the summit remained in one hand and that no one built anything privately,” said club chairman Václav Hieke. The club paid the purchase price of 150,000 crowns out of its own pocket.

Last reminder: New newsletter from the Euroregion Elbe/Labe

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