Euroregion Elbe/Labe

Goals and tasks

The overall aim of the work of the Elbe/Labe Euroregion is to make the border between Germany and the Czech Republic no longer acts as a border. It is a barrier in many respects, even though the membership of both countries in the European Union has removed many obstacles. What essentially remains are the language barrier, mental hurdles and structural differences. The Euroregion is working to reduce these.

The EUROREGION ELBE/LABE therefore pursues the goal of promoting trust between the people on both sides of the border, bringing them closer together and rediscovering and redeveloping awareness of the common region. We support cross-border cooperation and cross-border developments in all areas of life and a the growth of a network of cross-border cooperation that encompasses all areas of municipal and regional responsibility. The starting point of our work are the political, economic and cultural relations in this region, which have grown over the centuries and need to be filled with new life.

To achieve these goals

  •     we support and implement a wide range of projects, measures and schemes that contribute to the development of the region,
  •     we support all efforts and measures to reduce the divisive effect of the Saxon-Czech border and to strengthen cross-border cooperation,
  •     we represent the interests of the region with authorities and agencies at all levels.


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