Euroregion Elbe/Labe

Funding rules

Detailed information about the small projects fund are available in German and Czech only. Please use the button at the top of the page to switch languages.

  • requirements
  • content
  • Possible beneficiaries
  • subsidy rate and revenue
  • Eligible Expenses
  • At least one Saxon and one Czech project partner from the funding area
  • Project results must benefit the funding area
  • Joint planning and implementation of the project with staff from both partners
  • Total expenses max. 30,000 euros, min. 3,000 euros (in CZ: 1,500 euros)

What is eligible?

  • Arranging and conducting of seminars, conferences and information events
  • Organization and implementation of encounters, exchange of experiences, performances, cultural and sporting events
  • Group exchanges, in particular exchanges of groups of children, young people, students and pupils, educational measures including language modules to increase language skills
  • Projects of public relations and promotion of the area, creation of multilingual publications and information materials (at least in German and Czech)
  • Creation of analyzes for the preparation of projects within the framework of the cooperation program
  • Development of information and communication systems for the common border area

...and what not?

  • pure language courses
  • monolingual publications
  • partisan activities

Possible beneficiaries

in Saxony in Czech Republic
  • all legal entities under public and private law
  • local authorities, their institutions and associations
  • Social partner organizations that do not have legal personality, provided that their representatives have the power to enter into legal obligations and assume financial liability on their behalf, e.g. B. DGB (Article 131 of the EU Financial Regulation)
  • Authorities and bodies of public administration as well as organizations set up and founded by them
  • educational institutions
  • Economic and professional associations, chambers
  • non-governmental organizations
  • European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation
  • For other organizations, see the KPF implementation document – Annex 1

subsidy rate

The amount of funding is a maximum of 85% of the total eligible expenses, but no more than 15,000 euros (exception: mirror projects ).

If the application is repeated, the funding rate will be reduced to 75% (first repetition) or 50% (all further repetitions).


Income from the project (e.g. admissions, participant fees, sales proceeds) can be used to cover your own contribution. Anything beyond that will be deducted from the funding.

1. Expenses for external expertise and services

These expenses are limited to the following services provided by third parties in connection with the organization and implementation of the measures that are not provided by the beneficiary as part of the small-scale project:

  • room rental
  • catering / catering
  • Interpreting and translation services including rental of conference technology
  • Fees for speakers and specialists
  • artist fees (not for professional artists in the Czech Republic),
  • travel and accommodation costs of participants,
  • travel and accommodation costs of external experts, speakers and service providers,
  • Transport expenses for participant groups
  • Non-cash prizes for competitions
  • GEMA Fees
  • Expenditure on compulsory insurance for participants at events (event liability insurance and accident insurance)
  • Expenditure on advertising, communication, public relations or information related to the project
  • Expenditure on the development, modification and updating of IT systems and websites
  • Participation in events, participation fees, entrance fees.

2. Equipment

Equipment costs are expenses for the purchase or rental of equipment that are mandatory for the implementation. It is always important to check whether renting is cheaper than buying equipment.

On the German side, the expenses are limited to low-value assets in accordance with the Income Tax Act (§6 Paragraph 2 EstG) in the amount of EUR 800 net.

3. Personnel and Administration

Personnel expenses as well as office and administrative expenses are reimbursed as a lump sum without evidence/receipts. The lump sum for personnel costs is 20% of the direct costs (total of 1. and 2.), that for administrative costs is 15% of the personnel costs. In simpler terms, the lump sums add up to 23% of all other expenses.