Euroregion Elbe/Labe

Application procedure explained step by step

This content is available in German and Czech only.

  • implementation of the project
  • billing and payout

Premature start of action

You don't have to wait for the decision of the Local Steering Committee to implement the project, you can start with the registration (see Decision on the project ). Any entering into a legal obligation in connection with the project, for example an order or another contract, is deemed to be the implementation of the project. Unfortunately, this also applies to reservations that can be canceled free of charge.

Awarding of external orders

The provisions of the implementation document, No. 6.3, apply to the awarding of external orders (services, procurement). In many cases, a price comparison is necessary. The rules for this differ depending on whether the applicant is a public (cities, municipalities, their associations, authorities, etc.) or a non-public client (clubs, associations, foundations, companies, etc.).

Regulations for non-public clients Regulations for public clients

Please also note the information on pitfalls when adhering to the relevant value limits .

When awarding contracts where a price comparison is necessary, document this in as much detail as possible. This includes everything from the first inquiry to the offers received to the placing of the order. If you make a price comparison on the Internet (e.g. for accommodation), it is best to document this with screenshots. All this must be attached to the billing documents at the end.

publicity regulations

Just don't forget to observe the publicity regulations of the European Union during the implementation of the project. The two most important points are:

  1. the reference to the funding on all funded printed matter and objects with the EU logo and the associated text (note the size and color version!) as well as
  2. the reference to the funding at events in the form of a notice with the EU logo and the associated text (template available).

More details can be found here .

Be sure to keep a copy of all publications etc. to submit with the statement as proof.


All publications in the project must be published in at least two languages, i.e. in German and Czech. The exact details can be found here .

on-the-spot checks

The Euroregion is obliged to carry out an on-the-spot check on a certain part of the projects. Therefore, all beneficiaries must inform the project secretariat in good time about the implementation of events and ensure access to them for the employees.

After the project is completed, you will be billed. Funding is paid out according to the reimbursement principle and only after submission and verification of paid invoices and accounting documents. On the German side, both the KPF Secretariat of the Euroregion and the Saxon Development Bank (SAB) are involved in this process. On the Czech side, the control is carried out by the KPF Secretariat. In the case of biased projects, the Center for Regional Development in Chomutov carries out this control.

Compilation of accounting documents

All billing documents (according to point 11 of your grant agreement) must be submitted in the following order:

  • Document list in paper form and electronically ( download the template here ),
  • Proof of payment (cash book, account statements),
  • invoices/receipts/contracts,
  • Notes on awards or price comparisons,
  • Evidence of orders or commissions,
  • proof of income,
  • participant lists,
  • Evidence of publicity measures,
  • Final report with integrated payment request (from the online system ).

A lot of important information about the individual accounting documents can be found here: Accounting documents in detail

Verification of billing and payment

The process from the audit to the payment of the funding is as follows:

  • You submit the accounting documents to the Euroregion.
  • The Euroregion carries out a rough check of the completeness of your documents. If necessary, further documents will be requested from you.
  • The Euroregion forwards the documents to the SAB with a test report. This is where the legality and regularity of all billed expenses is checked. The transfer usually takes place within the framework of quarterly statements in January, April, July and October.
  • The SAB checks the settlement and informs the Euroregion of the result. Sometimes missing documents or information are requested in this step, but often not. Then some of the expenses will not be recognized. This step can take up to three months.
  • The SAB informs the Euroregion of the result of the examination and pays out the approved funds to the Euroregion.
  • The Euroregion will inform you of the result of the examination and transfer the funds to you.

Please refer to the pre-funding section for helpful guidance on estimating the duration of the exam.