Euroregion Elbe/Labe

Funding overview

There are several possibilities of funding for cross-border projects.

Small Projects Fund of the Elbe/Labe Euroregion

The Small Projects Fund, managed by the Elbe/Labe Euroregion, can provide projects in the Euroregion with up to 15,000 euros in funding. It is aimed primarily at bringing people together on both sides of the border, but can also be used for many other projects. Small project funds also exist in many other border regions.

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INTERREG Saxony-Czech Republic

The program Interreg Saxony-Czech Republic 2021-2027 (within the framework of the INTERREG VI A pillar of the EU) supports projects in the Saxon-Czech border area in four thematic areas. The funding amount can amount to several million euros; an application is possible at any time.

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Regional activities

According to the guidelines of the Free State of Saxony for cross-border cooperation, small projects, especially in the area of encounters between children and young people, can be funded with up to 4,000 euros.

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German-Czech future fund

The Prague-based German-Czech Future Fund supports a large number of projects that promote understanding between Czechs and Germans. The funding amounts usually do not exceed 100,000 euros.

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