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Living with our neighbours "face to face" instead of "back to back". The Euroregion Elbe/Labe brings people along the Saxon-Czech border together. Our goals are to build mutual trust and to promote cross-border cooperation in all fields.


Six new small projects funded • 23.06.

Last Friday the funding for 6 new projects from the Euroregion's Small Projects Fund was approved.

On Friday, 19th of June, 2020, the Local Steering Committee of the Small Projects Fund in the Euroregion Elbe/Labe met in Ústí nad Labem. After the meeting in March had to be cancelled due to Corona, we were very glad to meet again in person.

The committee had six project applications with a total volume of 70,986.68 Euro for decision, three each from German and Czech side. These were all unanimously approved.

More detailed information on the approved projects can be found here.


Interesting places in Euroregion Elbe/Labe • 16.06.

New content on our website: interactive map of interesting destinations in the Euroregion.

On a new interactive map we present a variety of interesting places in the Euroregion Elbe/Labe, which are not necessarily among the well-known highlights of the region, but are definitely worth a trip. Let us inspire you! We are sure that there is something new in it for everyone.


To the interactive map


Only random border controls, trains runnig again • 25.05.

From tomorrow, checks will only be carried out at the border at random. Some cross-border Eurocity trains are running again.

The Czech government decided today that from tomorrow, May 26th, there will be no continuous border controls at the borders with Germany and Austria, only random checks. However, the general restrictions for entering Czechia remain, i.e. the requirement for a negative corona test and a good reason to travel (you can find more information here).

There are also some Eurocity trains running between Berlin and Prague. The traffic will be expanded in June. The Nationalparkbahn/U28 does not yet run cross-border again.


WiFi4EU | Kostenloses WLAN in der Öffentlichkeit • 19.05.

Freies Internet in Parks, auf großen Plätzen, in öffentlichen Gebäuden, Bibliotheken, Gesundheitszentren und Museen überall in Europa – das soll mit WiFi4EU umgesetzt werden.

Kommunen können dafür Gutscheine im Wert von 15.000 Euro für die Installation von WLAN-Netzen beantragen. Die Hotspots sollen an Orten eingerichtet werden, an denen noch kein kostenloses WLAN-Angebot verfügbar ist. Die Anträge können bis zum 04.06.2020 eingereicht werden. Weitere Informationen und Quelle finden Sie hier.

Several meetings at the German-Czech border • 17.05.

Yesterday people from the Czech Republic and Germany met again at the common border to demand it to be opened.

Everywhere along the Czech external border, people from the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries met yesterday - as they did two weeks ago - at the closed borders to demand it's opening. There were particularly many meetings on the German-Czech border. A map of all meetings can be found at A press release was published as well,

In the Euroregion Elbe/Labe the meeting took place between Špičák and Oelsen. This time about 120 people joined in. There was singing, talking, eating, drinking, sunbathing... The police on the Czech side was present, but did not intervene.

Both Saxon and Czech television were present this time:

Report in MDR Sachsenspiegel (DE)

Report in CNN Prima (CS, minute 25:00)

Further press reports:

Ústecký deník (CS)

All news you'll find here.

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