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Weekly review no. 27

Česká Kamenice has an astronomical clock again – Construction of the Eger cycle path begins – German-language tours of the Ústí Zoo – Day without rushing


Česká Kamenice has an astronomical clock again

Die astronomische Uhr in der Nerudova-Straße.
The astronomical clock on Nerudova Street. (© Jana Vitásková/Czech Republic)

No visit to Prague is complete without a visit to the famous astronomical clock on the Old Town Square. Every hour on the hour, a huge crowd of people gathers to watch the spectacle of the apostles. A similar crowd formed on Easter Sunday in Česká Kamenice on Nerudova Street, which connects the main square with the pilgrimage church of the Virgin Mary. An astronomical clock was put into operation there. The 12 apostles can also be seen here. Two bell ringers, a skeleton and a knight complete the ensemble.

The astronomical clock was once built by a clockmaker to boost his business. But after 1945 he lost his business. What became of the clock is not known. But the place where the clock was once installed was still visible. The house on Nerudova has since been renovated and last year the town decided to install an astronomical clock again. Almost half of the money was raised through a fundraiser. The figures were made by the glass school in neighboring Kamenický Šenov.

Construction starts on the Eger cycle path

People have been talking about it for over ten years. The cycle path along the Ohře river, which has its source in Bavaria and is called the Eger there, and flows into the Elbe near Litoměřice. It is already signposted and quite a few people are already using it for cycling tours. But so far it has led along roads or forest and field paths. Some of the roads are very busy, and the forest and field paths are not always of a quality suitable for bicycles. Now the path is to have its own, mostly asphalted route. The Ústí District, as the developer, is already looking for companies to build the first sections. The first section is 3.8 kilometers long and is located between the towns of Litoměřice and Libochovice. The second section is five kilometers long and covers the stretch between Žatec and Kadaň. A total of 20 sections of cycle path are being built between the Ohře estuary and the border with the Karlovy Vary District.

German-language tours at Ústí Zoo

Die Stars des Zoos in Ústí nad Labem: Drei der vier noch sehr verspielten Geparden-Junge
The stars of the zoo in Ústí nad Labem: three of the four still very playful cheetah cubs (© Steffen Neumann)

The zoo in Ústí nad Labem is particularly worthwhile right now. You have the unique opportunity to observe four cheetah cubs. The quadruplets are no longer very small, but at just over seven months old they are still very playful. Along with two others, they are the only cheetah cubs in Europe this year.

It is now possible to combine a visit to the zoo with an expert guided tour, even in German. The German volunteer Amelie Konzelmann has been working at the zoo since the autumn. She was introduced to the zoo by the Paritätische in Dresden, which has been active in German-Czech volunteer exchanges for years. Amelie Konzelmann did not acquire her knowledge of the zoo animals in Ústí, but came to the city on the Elbe with prior knowledge. The tours start this weekend at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Historical tours or night tours are also possible. Advance registration is required. All information, including contact details, can be found on the German version of the zoo's website. Tickets for the tour are available at the ticket office. Konzelmann also offers exciting educational programs for school classes on various topics such as "The food chain," "Behavioral biology" or "Illegal animal trade." They are designed for different age groups. More information can also be found on the website .

Day without haste

Take it easy for a day. The Czech Republic allows itself this once a year. On Wednesday, the day came. Everyone in the Czech Republic was called upon to slow down. This day was initiated by the Czech Insurance Association. The reason was the number of road deaths, which are often caused by excessive speed or inattentiveness resulting from haste. The day is therefore intended to remind people to stick to the speed limits on the roads and to drive stress-free.

But the day of no rush was not only about traffic. In Opava, the semi-final cup match between hosts Opava and favorites Sparta Prague began a few minutes later to mark the day. Theater performances also started later. Even the puppet show of the famous astronomical clock at Prague City Hall was stopped for a few minutes at 10 a.m. Instead, death rang the bell 138 times - once for every victim who died in traffic last year due to excessive speed.


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