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Weekly review no. 21

New prices for motorway tolls in the Czech Republic – Flooding again in Dolní Žleb – Corruption scandal in Ústí – Legendary express train is traveling to Prague again


New prices for motorway tolls in the Czech Republic

Zeichen für Mautpflicht in Tschechien
Sign for toll in the Czech Republic (© Google Streetview)

From March 1st, new prices will apply for the use of motorways in the Czech Republic. The prices for most variants fall slightly, only the annual vignette increases significantly. A one-day vignette will be introduced.

The prices for cars (up to 3.5t), teams (i.e. with trailers) and mobile homes in detail:

  • 1 day: 200 Kč
  • 10 days: 270 Kč
  • 30 days: 430 Kč
  • 1 year: 2300 Kč

Natural gas or biomethane vehicles pay a reduced price. Although electric vehicles are exempt from tolls, you have to apply for this first for vehicles registered abroad.

By the way: When driving into the Czech Republic, the route from the border to the Řehlovice exit is toll-free. In the other direction, however, this only applies between Řehlovice and Knínice (exit 80, see picture). You have to pay a toll for the last 12 km to the border.

Flooding again in Dolní Žleb

In Dolní Žleb, due to heavy rainfall in the Czech Republic in the next few days, it is expected that the road will be flooded again and the town will be cut off from its only access route. Only six weeks ago we were able to report that the road was above water again. Train traffic will not be affected.

Corruption scandal in Ústí

A corruption scandal is currently being investigated at the Ústí District Health Service, as the newspaper Deník reports. On Monday, the police searched the administration premises. The managing director was immediately dismissed. The investigation concerns overpriced purchases of medical equipment through the manipulation of public tenders. The European Public Prosecutor's Office in Luxembourg said there was damage of at least one million euros. This is dealing with the case because the purchases were largely financed with EU funding.

The Ústí District Health Service operates seven hospitals in the district. The Czech name "Krajská zdravotní as" is abbreviated as KZ, which sounds very unpleasant to German ears and is actually understood that way in the Czech Republic. Nevertheless, the title “Kauza KZ” is used for the scandal.

Legendary express train runs to Prague again

Der VT 18.16
The VT 18.16 (© Bombardier Transportation)

Finally, another topic that has something to do with the Czech Republic rather indirectly: Some may still remember the legendary SVT Görlitz express train (officially VT 18.16 or BR 175), which was one of the highest quality trains from the 1960s to the early 1980s GDR trains ran on international routes. For example, he traveled as Vindobona from Berlin via Prague to Vienna or as Karlex or Karola between Berlin and Karlsbad.

A lively association, with funding from the federal government, set out to make a copy of this train roadworthy again under the project title “ A Train for Central Germany ”. The first railcar was recently painted, the second will be there soon. After completion, which is expected in the next few months, the train will be used for special tourist trips. These also lead to Prague, among other places. More information can be found on the association's website.



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