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Weekly review no. 5

Czech National Day – Shift exhibition in the Senate – TDKT opens


Due to illness, this week's newsletter is a little shorter.

Shift epic in the Senate

The arrival of the first president of Czechoslovakia to Prague an Dec. 21st, 1918 (Emanuel Boháč, 1928) In 1928, the Schalt family of industrialists from Ústí nad Labem - best known for their deer soap - had an epic with 22 paintings made about events from Czech history in order to donate them to the Czechoslovak state. These paintings became the basis of large-format prints that were used in many schools. The 14 motifs for Czech schools were painted by Emanuel Boháč, the 8 for German schools by different painters. The layers, for whom the nationality question played no role in their companies, wanted to underline their loyalty to the Czechoslovakian state. The most famous painting is “The Arrival of the First President of Czechoslovakia Dr. TG Masaryk in Prague on December 21, 1918”. This is also shown in the exhibition "Our Germans" in the city museum in Ústí nad Labem.

Martin Krsek, senator, historian and employee of the Ústí City Museum, has now organized an exhibition of some of the images in the Senate in Prague. This is until November 5th. can be seen in the anteroom of the meeting room in the Wallenstein Palace (Valdštejnský palác).

Visits are possible on Mondays between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m., but must be registered in advance by calling 257 072 678.

Source: Radio Prague International

Czech National Day on October 28th

Every year on October 28th In the Czech Republic, people commemorate the founding of independent Czechoslovakia in 1918. Because it fits so well with the motto of this year's Cultural Days (see below), we would like to draw attention to it: It certainly says a lot that, on the one hand, it is the anniversary of the founding of a state that no longer exists continues to be a national holiday, while on the other hand the founding of the current Czech Republic in 1993 is not celebrated. Short advertising block: background information will be published on November 9th. discussed in Sebnitz .

Please note: Most shops in the Czech Republic will be closed tomorrow.

25th Czech-German Cultural Days opened

The 25th Czech-German Cultural Days opened yesterday in the Dresden Palace of Culture with a great concert by the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra and the Prague Philharmonic Choir. This year's theme "Breaks" was originally inspired by the 30th anniversary of the dissolution of Czechoslovakia and aims to show that such upheavals can also be departures. Until November 12th, almost 90 events will take place on both sides of the border throughout the Elbe/Labe Euroregion.

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