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Weekly review no. 14

Epiphany gathering has begun - Second Elbe flood - Pope chooses new bishop of Litoměřice - 90 years of the Nelson mine accident


Epiphany collection has begun

Epiphany Collection in the Czech Republic, photo: Charita

Traditionally, the three kings parade through the streets of the Czech Republic in the first days of the new year. Organized by the Czech Catholic aid organization Caritas (Charita), groups of children dressed as little kings ask for donations at the apartment and front doors. Collections also take place in the Prague metro or other central places. The Epiphany gathering began on New Year's Day in the Diocese of Litoměřice with a climb to Mount Říp.

Under the slogan “Every crown helps,” over 70,000 volunteers collect donations, primarily for those in need in Germany. This year, for example, the Charita of the Diocese of Litoměřice will specifically support socially disadvantaged families with children, the elderly and the sick. In most cases, the specific use is determined by the local charity organization. 5 percent of the money collected goes abroad. In the Diocese of Litoměřice donations are made to children of poor families in Mongolia.

How much money will be raised this year will be known by the beginning of February at the latest. The collection runs until January 14th. Last year, the Epiphany collection generated a total of 161.5 million crowns (around 6.7 million euros).

Second Elbe flood

After the Christmas flood comes the New Year's flood. The water levels on the Elbe have risen quickly in the past few days. The reason is renewed rainfall in the Elbe and Vltava catchment areas as well as the warm weather, which has triggered further thawing at higher altitudes. So far the flooding appears to be progressing smoothly. The third flood warning level was in effect in both Ústí nad Labem and Děčín since Friday morning. The peak was expected for Saturday morning. Contrary to what was initially feared, it should not exceed the level of the Christmas flood. However, the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute expects the flooding to subside only very slowly after the peak.

Pope chooses new bishop of Litoměřice

After 15 years, the diocese of Litoměřice (Leitmeritz) is getting a new bishop. Shortly before Christmas, Pope Francis had already chosen the current secretary of the Czech Bishops' Conference, Stanislav Přibyl, as Jan Baxant's successor. Baxant submitted his resignation after reaching the age of 75. He is succeeded by the 52-year-old Přibyl, the youngest bishop in the Czech Republic. The episcopal ordination is planned for March 2nd. Přibyl is no stranger to Litoměřice. The Prague native served as vicar general in the diocese of Litoměřice from 2009 to 2016. When time permits, Přibyl plays the organ. He speaks several languages, including German.

90 years of the Nelson mine disaster

The small town of Osek at the foot of the Ore Mountains commemorated the mining accident 90 years ago this week. On January 3, 1934, there was a fatal explosion in the Nelson III brown coal mine near Osek. The cause is believed to be brown coal dust, which was increasingly produced in the new shaking chutes. The high sulfur content of North Bohemian brown coal is also said to have played a role. The cause of the accident was never fully clarified.
142 miners died in the accident, only four survived. The dead left behind 130 widows and as many children. The survivors sometimes had to wait years for compensation, which was only raised through fundraising. Neither the coal company nor the state paid out a single crown.
The accident in Osek was one of the largest mining disasters in the Czech Republic. The Nelson mine was closed and there was no longer any mining in Osek. The last underground mining of lignite in North Bohemia stopped only a few years ago. Coal is currently only mined in large opencast mines.


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