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Weekly review no. 2

Žatec is a world heritage site - Ústí district is recruiting doctors - Ore Mountains nature reserve is being planned


Symbolic closure of the gap in Louka on Saturday

Viadukt Hrob (© Petr Fišer)
Viaduct near Hrob on the railway line to Moldava (© Petr Fišer)

The resumption of railway operations from Holzhau to Moldava in the Czech Republic is still up in the air. But supporters of the rail connection continue to campaign undaunted to close this gap in cross-border traffic. On Saturday, September 30th , the 5th symbolic closure of the gap will take place at Louka u Litvínova (Meadow) train station. A variety of offers are on the program from 10 a.m. A special historical train also starts in Moldava at 10 a.m. After his arrival on October 11, the official program begins with railway and model railway technology, children's theater, live music and cuisine from Carpatho-Ukraine, the part that belonged to Czechoslovakia between 1918 and 1938.

The train station in Louka is an important junction of two railway lines. The route to Moldava meets the so-called “Goat Railway” (Kozí dráha) to Děčín (Tetschen), which is currently only used between Děčín and Telnice. The Ústí district is therefore planning to expand the train station into a tourist visitor center.

Regular trains to Moldava and back also run all day on Saturday. The special train starts the return journey after the end of the program at 21.05 (arrival in Moldava at 22.35). Tickets can be reserved by email . There is still a small contingent of tickets available. One trip costs 3 EUR.

Czech Railways increases prices

With the timetable change on December 10th, prices will rise at the Czech state railway České dráhy. As the company announced, prices will increase by an average of 9.5 percent. According to the railway, a ticket without a discount for a 45-kilometer route would then cost 101 crowns, instead of the previous 92. For 100 kilometers, the price increases from 188 to 205 crowns. However, travelers can extend the validity of the old prices for a while if they have bought their ticket by December 9th. Until then, tickets can be purchased up to two months in advance.

České dráhy regularly adjusts prices, most recently by 15 percent in December last year. As is the case today, the railways cited increased costs as the main reason. Conversely, the railway was able to record an increase in passenger numbers. After the corona pandemic, passengers returned to the railway. Passenger numbers rose by 6 percent to 79 million passengers in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year.

Former castle director moves to the presidential castle

Iveta Krupičková ran the castle in Děčín for 12 years and made it the most visited castle in the Ústí district. Above all, she managed the renovation and restoration of almost the entire castle and the castle gardens and managed to ensure that parts of the furnishings returned to the castle on at least a loan basis. But in 2019 the castle director was fired. The reasons were - as it quickly became clear - fictitious. Allegedly errors in economic management were the basis for the termination. Krupičková had always denied this. Police and prosecutors later confirmed that the allegations were completely unfounded. Apparently the city just wanted to get rid of the successful manager and replace her with someone she liked. Two years after the expulsion, the city issued a half-hearted apology.

Zamek Lany (© Peter Stehlik; Wikipedia; <a href='' target='_blank'>CC BY 3.0 Deed</a>)
Lany Castle (© Peter Stehlik; CC BY 3.0 Deed )

Now Krupičková could move to a particularly prestigious position. According to a report in the daily newspaper Děčínský deník, she will take over the management of the castle in Lany from October 1st. This information has not been officially confirmed. The castle in Central Bohemia serves as a country residence for the Czech presidents (and previously for the Czechoslovak ones). However, the presidents after 1990 used it very differently. While Václav Havel only stayed there occasionally, but took up the "Conversations from Lany" of his famous predecessor Tomáš G. Masaryk and published them on the radio, his successor Václav Klaus also avoided the castle. In turn, Miloš Zeman, who was seriously ill at the end, hardly showed up in Prague at all and stayed almost entirely in Lany. President Petr Pavel, who has been in office since the spring, has already announced that he does not want to use the castle for private or official purposes. If Ms. Krupičková takes over the management, the castle could also see a completely new use.

Voting for Czech Film Wednesday ends tomorrow

You still have the opportunity to vote for December's film at Czech Film Wednesday until tomorrow evening. There is currently a neck-and-neck race between two films. So your vote could be decisive.

To vote for your favorite film

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