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Science is interested in cross-border commuters

Newcastle University is conducting a scientific study on the situation of cross-border commuters in Germany during the corona pandemic.


The Newcastle University Bussiness School is currently researching the effects of the corona pandemic on cross-border commuters in Germany.

The aim of the study is to determine how the experience of work and stress among immigrants / temporary workers / cross-border commuters has changed during the corona pandemic. It is about your personal experience, experiences and points of view. [...]

This group of employees is not sufficiently represented in political discourse and research and generally has an increased risk of stress and psychological illnesses, which can potentially be attributed to the work situation and above all to the unfamiliar life situation (possibly no family environment , different language and culture). Since these factors could be intensified in times of Corona (travel restrictions, fewer opportunities to organize the daily routine outside of work, fewer contacts, increased workload), the aim of the study is to record how you perceive the current situation, what kind of support you need Available and what tools you would use and need in order to deal successfully with the given situation.


More information from Newcastle University

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