Euroregion Elbe/Labe

X-Dörfer - Funding for cultural projects in rural areas

The Staatsschauspiel supports cultural projects in rural areas in 2023 and 2024 in terms of content and finances. This can also be used across borders.


In the X-Dörfer project, the Staatsschauspiel Dresden supports a wide range of cultural projects in rural areas. In addition to financial support, the content-related support provided by theater professionals is particularly important.

For projects after the summer of 2023, the small project fund of the Euroregion Elbe/Labe can be used as a supplement to organize such projects across borders. The offices of the Euroregion will be happy to advise you (see Contact ).


The Staatsschauspiel Dresden is looking for people of all ages who are interested in culture and want to jointly invent and implement cultural projects in rural areas. The aim of the initiative is to initiate and support sustainable impulses for a culture of togetherness.

Concerts in the barn, landscape theater projects, writing festivals for everyone, culture cafés, history workshops, cinema in the hairdresser's salon and much more. develop. Cultural institutions, associations, civic initiatives, cultural workers or lay people of all ages interested in culture from Saxon communities with up to 40,000 inhabitants that are no further than 60 km away from Dresden can apply.

In the application, a rough idea or a question should be outlined. It is important that no single person applies, but that it becomes apparent that several people are interested in the idea and want to get involved.

If your application is selected, the X-Dörfer project management will come to your location to develop the idea further together and to find out where the project needs support. Do you still need a brilliant idea, more committed fellow campaigners from the village or neighboring communities, an organizational structure, cooperation partners or professional artists from outside? Ultimately, the idea is to be implemented on site by those involved with the support of the X-Dörfer project management.

The project period is 2023 and/or 2024.



  • Advice on brainstorming
  • Organizational support
  • Fees for artists who live locally or who are invited from outside.
  • possibly travel and accommodation costs
  • Material costs for the project
  • Public relations support
  • if the project is successfully completed, assistance with applications for funding for the following year


  • First idea
  • Short letter of motivation
  • Brief self-portrayal
  • Approximate time table
  • Who else could you include?

The application should not comprise more than one or two A4 pages in total.


After a pre-selection of the applications received, one or two exchange meetings take place on site. A final decision is then made as to whether cooperation is in the interest of all parties involved.

If the application is a barrier and if you have any questions, the project team Miriam Tscholl and Claudia Leutemann can be reached at We are also happy to advise you in an online meeting or telephone call.



You can apply now, but no later than March 15, 2023


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