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ARCHAEO Thanksgiving Festival in Vorderzinnwald on 27.11. at 14 o 'clock

commented tour of the excavation of the former pilgrimage chapel with archaeologist Lucie Kursová and historian Jan Kvapil


The relatively young chapel, built in 1887, was demolished in the 1950s in connection with the establishment of the border strip. Crowds of pilgrims used to come here on the feast of the Visitation until World War II, and efforts are being made to restore this tradition today.

The archaeological investigations were carried out in October and November of this year by the regional museum in Teplitz (Teplice) in cooperation with the nature conservation station in the Eastern Ore Mountains from Altenberg and funded by the Federal Agency for Political Education.

At the end of the event, the uncovered excavations will be filled up again together. Visitors have the unique opportunity to see the finds "in situ".

The event takes place in any weather!

Arrival by public transport: With bus 360 at 11:42 a.m. from Dresden main station via Dippoldiswalde and Altenberg to Zinnwald Wendeplatz (arrival 12:52 p.m., walk to the chapel approx. 4 km on the road) or České Pomezi (arrival 12:55 p.m o'clock, footpath to the chapel approx. 4 km through the forest).

Danger! The road Cinovec - Fojtovice is not cleared in winter! On-site parking is not permitted for security reasons.

Contact for more information:, tel. +420 732 921 250 & +49 157 52 611 600.

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