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Corona help from German-Czech Future Funds

The German-Czech Future Funds starts programs to help people active in cross-border coperation and organisations in the German-Czech border region through the corona crisis.


Here the Announcement of the German-Czech Future Fund :

Dear friends of the German-Czech Future Fund,

spring is here and shows itself from its best side beyond the closed borders - as if to remind us that even in times of crisis we can rely on beautiful things :-)

Reliability is essential in these weeks of uncertainty. Because if the current crisis reminds us of one thing every day, it is that it cannot be tackled alone. What is needed is cooperation and cohesion from all of us, in politics as well as in civil society.

In the Future Fund, we asked ourselves where our help is now most urgently needed and how we can quickly and unbureaucratically help those who have been hit hardest by the pandemic in the German-Czech community. We are providing them with special funding totaling 373,000 euros.

We dedicate part of this to organizations that take care of the surviving Nazi victims in the Czech Republic, who play a key role in building trusting relationships between Germans and Czechs. Because of their age and the agony they suffered, they are most at risk from the pandemic and now require special protection.

We provide further support to the often freelance bridge builders who have made a significant contribution to improving German-Czech relations in recent years and who are now feeling the economic effects of the crisis. We have advertised a special funding program for bridge builders for them.

And finally, we would now like to help those who provide social and medical help in the German-Czech border region - in a region where a lot of trust has been built between the citizens of our two countries over the past 30 years, and that is not being jeopardized may due to the social and structural effects of the crisis, which could be particularly noticeable here.

If you know of organizations in the German-Czech border area that offer help for particularly vulnerable people and could use financial support, please let us know and please enter your information directly into the form of our special funding program for the border regions .

We are confident that together we will be able to offer reliable support to those who need it most now.

You too can stay confident - and healthy!

Your German-Czech Future Fund