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»Český sen« (The Czech dream) on Dec. 6th in the series Czech Film Wednesday

On the first Wednesday in December at 8 p.m. in the Central Cinema we are showing the somewhat mean documentary satire "Český sen" (The Czech Dream) from 2004 as part of the "Czech Film Wednesday" series.


Our audience was allowed to vote on the Wednesday film in December and chose: “Český sen” (The Bohemian Dream). This 2004 film is a nasty documentary-satire about a supposed opening of a hypermarket.

Two students from the Prague Film School are making a very special film as their final thesis: the facade of a huge hypermarket is being built on the outskirts of Prague. At the same time, there are massive advertising campaigns for the supposedly opening market. On the day of the "opening" a show is staged, which culminates in the waiting customers running towards the market and disappointed to find that they have been thoroughly processed. Then things get high...

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