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German-Czech border slightly more open again

Starting April 27th, there is more business travel permitted across the German-Czech border. Tourist travel or private visits are still not allowed.


Saxony to the Czech Republic (and back)

From April 27th, 2020, EU citizens can enter the Czech Republic under the following conditions:

  • for the purpose of economic activity (with evidence),
  • maximum 72 hours stay in the Czech Republic,
  • upon presentation of a negative corona test that is a maximum of four days old.

The same applies to EU students in the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, various exception rules apply for employees in critical infrastructure and in the transport industry, for cross-border commuters and if there are valid reasons.

You can find the exact rules and all necessary bureaucratic stepshere .

The background to the relaxation was a court ruling that forced the Czech government to make changes.

Czech Republic to Saxony (and back)

Czech citizens (and foreigners with a residence permit) are allowed to leave the Czech Republic without hindrance. To return without a quarantine requirement, you also need a negative Cotona test.

However, entry into Saxony is restricted. Anyone entering Saxony from the Czech Republic must be in quarantine for 14 days. Exceptions are initially:

  • Employees in the transport industry,
  • Employees in critical infrastructures,
  • regular cross-border commuters,
  • Employees for at least 3 weeks in German companies (with appropriate measures),
  • People with particularly important reasons for travel.

But everyone else can also enter Saxony without quarantine if they have not been abroad for more than 48 hours .

Source:Saxon Corona Quarantine Ordinance of April 17, 2020

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