Euroregion Elbe/Labe

Fond malých projektů EEL 2023-2028

This means that you will have to pay for the financing of the Fondu malých project EEL in 2023-2028.


We had to wait a long time, but now the time has come: the new small project fund has started! Applications for funding for Saxon-Czech encounter projects can now be submitted again.

In the past, simplifications were often promised that turned out not to be the case. But this time it really looks like it: There are now capitation fees for projects with a determinable number of participants (i.e. all classic encounter projects). No offers need to be obtained and no individual receipts need to be provided at the end. All you need is proof of the number of participants. It couldn't be easier. So anyone who has held back on project applications in recent years due to the bureaucratic burden should try again now.

There are two downsides: There is still no legal basis for projects without an ascertainable number of participants. They probably can't start until mid-2024 at the earliest. And projects to promote tourism are no longer possible in the KPF.

You can find all information about this on our website.

For information on the small project fund

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