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Selected Czech Republic on May 24, 2023: Nela Rywiková - Children of Rage

On Wednesday, May 24th, 2023, at 7.30 p.m., the Czech author Nela Rywiková will read from her book "Children of Anger" in the Dresden Central Library.


On a run-down railway site in Ostrava, two boys find a corpse prepared like a hunting trophy. The police investigations lead into all social strata of the city, into high political circles and into nouveau riche entrepreneurs, into prostitutes and into broken families. The author skilfully links a murder case in the present with a German-Jewish family history that goes back many decades and shows how easily a person can fall victim to anger, history and a suppressed past. A social panorama as an excursion into the hell of the present.

Nela Rywiková, born in Ostrava in 1979, is one of the most interesting new names in Czech crime fiction, which is experiencing a kind of renaissance. Her debut novel Dům číslo 6 (House Number 6) was published in 2013.

Cooperation between: Czech Literature Center (Moravian State Library), Czech Center Berlin, Salon of German-Czech Dialogue, Staatsschauspiel Dresden and the Department for European and International Affairs of the state capital Dresden. Under the patronage of the Consul General of the Czech Republic in Dresden.


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