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»Rozpuštěný a vypuštěný« on March 6 at Czech Film Wednesday

With the crime thriller “Rozpuštěný a vypuštěný” (Dissolved and Drained) we will be releasing on March 6th. a small insight into the Jára Cimrman universe of the legendary duo Svěrák/Smoljak.


Like every first Wednesday of the month, we will be showing a Czech film classic in the “ Czech Film Wednesday ” series on March 6th at 8 p.m. in the Central Cinema. This time we're playing "Rozpuštěný a vypuštěný" (Dissolved and Drained) from 1984.

With this film we have a crime thriller in our program for the first time, albeit an absurdly funny one. Towards the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Inspector Trachta and his intern Hlaváček investigate the murder of the manufacturer Bierhanzl, who made a miracle ointment for hair loss from duck eggs and was apparently dissolved in sulfuric acid in a bathtub and his remains were flushed down the drain.

The legendary duo Svěrák/Smoljak has brought a piece of their Jára Cimrman theater to the screen. Jára Cimrman is a fictional character of an absurd universal genius invented by Zdeněk Svěrák in 1966. The whole Czech Republic knows and loves Jára Cimrman. He doesn't appear in this film, but the tradition of absurd theater is brilliantly implemented here. The film is bursting with ideas, even if you will unfortunately only fully understand the abundant wordplay with a good knowledge of Czech. But there are still enough absurdities and funny ideas to make it a lot of fun for the local audience.

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