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Exhibition "Madonna on the hike" from July 25th in Dubí

On July 25th at 5 p.m. the exhibition "Madonna on the hike" about the Fürstenau Madonna altar will open in the "Blue Blood Museum" in Dubí. She will stay there until September 21st.


Pirna - Fürstenau - Vorderzinnwald - Hinterzinnwald - Teplice, these are the previous stations of a beautifully carved medieval Madonna altar, which - because it stayed there the longest - is also known as the Fürstenau Madonna altar.

A new exhibition is now dedicated to the eventful history of this Madonna, who wandered between Saxony and Bohemia. This will be shown in Dubí from July 25, 2023 to September 21, 2023, after which it will set off on its own journey. In November and December it will be shown in Dresden, next year in Pirna and Lauenstein.

The station of the Madonna in Vorderzinnwald in its own chapel can be experienced virtually on site since last year. A modern smartphone or tablet is enough, and both the chapel and the Madonna altar appear to be back in their original place.

In the Fürstenau church you can see a glass replica of the Madonna statue, illuminated from the inside. This was also made last year.

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