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On Wednesday, October 5, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. a presentation of the results of the “Active People in the Border Area” project took place in the Sebnitz City Library. The project was carried out by EEL in collaboration with the Anticomplex association.


The main project result is the Czech-German publication Mitten am Rande, interviews with people who are changing the Sudetenland. The book offers 13 interviews with people who are actively contributing to a changed view of the Czech-Saxon border area.

As part of the project, short medallions of five personalities who appear in the book were filmed. There are:

Jitka Pollakis from Erzgebirge,

Erich Vodňanský from Strann near Bleiswedel,

Alice Janstová from Jelení ,

Petr Globočník from Litvínov,

Jarmila Ptáčková from Gross Schönau.

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