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»Obecná škola« (The Elementary School) on May 1st at Czech Film Wednesday

On May 1st, the day of love (and not work!) in the Czech Republic, we will be showing the wonderful feel-good film »Obecná škola« (The Elementary School) by father and son Svěrák at 8 p.m. in the Zentralkino Dresden.


School year 1945/1946: The students in a boys' class are so undisciplined that they send their teacher to the madhouse. Then a new teacher takes over and fascinates the boys: on the one hand, military uniform and caning with the cane, on the other hand, he makes the tough boys cry with his violin playing to the story of Jan Hus and amazes them with his stories from the various war fronts. If it weren't for his uncontrollable passion for women...

This film by father and son Svěrák is probably a classic example of the Czech film that many people in Germany love: lovingly drawn characters in a rather rural setting who experience different, more or less everyday stories, and all of this is staged without any great sensationalism. The background is an important time in Czech history, which was certainly anything but easy, but here it is given a conciliatory sepia tone. The film is one of the most popular films of all time in the Czech Republic and is number 6 on the list at

For Jan Svěrák, this was his first feature film as a director; his father Zdeněk Svěrák wrote the screenplay and acted in it. The film was nominated for the 1992 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

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