Euroregion Elbe/Labe

Neighbouring language right from the start!

The Saxon Office for early neighouring language education has provided the offices of the Euroregions with a neighboring language suitcase for free lending.


The Saxonian office for early neighbour-language education (LaNa) based in Görlitz has provided the offices of the Euroregions Egrensis, Erzgebirge / Krušnohoří, Elbe/Labe and Neisse-Nisa-Nysa with a neighbouring language kit for free lending. In the suit-case itself are among other things folders " pedagogical tools " in addition many suggestions, in order to discover the neighboring country with the children.  With a variety of impulses, the pedagogical work in the day-care centers in the area of early neighborhood education in the border region can be improved.

If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Richter, telephone 0351 - 48 28 78 15 or by e-mail

Information on these play and learning materials can be found in the materials library at


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