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»Pelišky« on May 3rd at the Czech Film Wednesday

On May 5th at 8 p.m. we will be showing the great comedy »Pelišky« in the Dresden Central Cinema as part of the Czech Film Wednesday series.


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With gentle poetry and humorous exaggeration, the life of three generations of men and women in a special period of Czech history in 1968 is told...

The Šebek and Kraus families are neighbors in a two-story villa in Prague. Father Šebek is an officer and a loyal party soldier, but basically a simple, good-natured man. He praises the virtues of communism and the advances of the Eastern Bloc. Unbreakable plastic glasses from the GDR play an important role as proof of the superiority of communism.

The Kraus family above him maintains a middle-class lifestyle in which art and culture as well as old traditions play a major role. Father Kraus, a former resistance fighter against the Nazis and a staunch anti-communist, not only despises his neighbor's political attitude, but also looks down on his lack of culture. The two, who are also convinced - also in their families - that they are fundamentally right, regularly clash.

Your children, on the other hand, get along well. Michal Šebek is in love with his neighbor, but she has her eyes on someone else. Various visits, drinking bouts, a Christmas party and a funeral bring both families together again and again, resulting in a firework of subtle humor. For young people, the attractions of the capitalist world contrast with the aforementioned unbreakable plastic glasses from the socialist brothers from the GDR. The invasion of Warsaw Pact troops ultimately marks a deep turning point.

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