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Komaří vížka

One of the most magnificent views from the ridge of the Erzgebirge

Komáří hůrka (Mosquito Mountain, 807m) protrudes from the Erzgebirge ridge like a pimple and is therefore easily visible from all directions. On its top there is the Komáří vížka (Mosquito Tower), a very popular mountain hotel with a restaurant (and the charm of the 80s).

From here you have a magnificent panoramic view in all directions. To the north, you look over the hilly, gently sloping plateau of the Erzgebirge all the way to the Elbe Valley. To the south, the Erzgebirge slopes steeply, opening up a wide view of the extinct volcanic cones of the Bohemian Central Mountains. To the west, the view sweeps along the slightly curved ridge of the Ore Mountains to beyond the Keilberg (Klínovec). To the east, you can see Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland, the Lusatian Highlands and, with reasonably good visibility, Ještěd near Liberec and the Jizera Mountains. In very good visibility you can see as far as the Krkonoše Mountains.

Below Komáří hůrka lies the old mining town of Krupka (Graupen) with mining tradition from the 13th century. The mountain is therefore littered with pings (pits, holes). A very large pinge is located right next to the mosquito tower. It is under nature protection. In connection with mining, a stone bell tower was erected on the summit in 1568 to announce the beginning and end of the shift. This was integrated into the tavern built in 1857.

A chairlift was built from Bohosudov to the summit in 1950-1952, at that time the longest in the world at 2348 m, and today still the longest without an intermediate station in the Czech Republic. It overcomes a height difference of 482 m.

The name Mosquito Tower or Mosquito Mountain is said to come from an old legend (according to Wikipedia). According to it, when a crafty cattle thief tried to steal the only cow from an old lady, she cursed him: "You shall be bitten by mosquitoes before you reach the top of the mountain!" And indeed, a huge swarm of mosquitoes appeared and killed the thief.

The mosquito tower is a very popular destination for both hiking and winter sports.

Below the summit is the chapel of St. Wolfgang. Unfortunately, this is only open from May to September.


Horní Krupka 120
417 41 Krupka


Tel: +420 417 861 348



Opening hours


daily 10 - 22 o'clock

Chapel of St. Wolfgang

Fri: 11 - 17 h
Sat/Sun: 12 - 18 o'clock


01.04. – 30.09.
daily 8.30 - 18.30
01.10. – 31.03.
daily 8.30 - 16.30

Departure every hour on the half hour

current information about the chairlift (czech)


Chapel of St. Wolfgang

Admission free


(Prices in each case one-way/return)

Adults: 140/210 Kč
Children (5-10 let): 100/150 Kč
Cyclists: 150 Kč
Families: 2+2 = 420/660 Kč; 3+2 = 560/850 Kč; 3+3 = 650/1000 Kč


Restaurant with outdoor catering, mountain hotel
(in case of overcrowding there is another small place below the summit next to the chapel of St. Wolfgang)

Ski slope


From the nearest bus stop "Krupka, Fojtovice, Komáří vížka" directions_railway directions_bus it is about 400m (on asphalt road) to the top. There is a large parking lot near the bus stop.

Getting there by bike or car from Germany can be done from Zinnwald (via Fojtovice) or Petrovice (via Adolfov). Especially the latter is a beautiful ride with great views and always a glimpse of the destination.

Something special is, of course, the arrival by chairlift (operating times see under opening hours), where you can visit the place of pilgrimage in Bohosudov at the same time. The lower station is about 800m from the bus stop "Krupka, Bohosudov, MěÚ" directions_railway directions_bus at Marianské náměstí. From the train station in Bohoduvos directions_railway directions_bus it is about 2 km (not a nice walk). There is a parking lot 100 m from the station. By the way, the cable car also takes bicycles.

Recommended is also the hike from Zinnwald/Cinovec to Komáří vížka. The route is 8 to 9 km long, either from the bus stop "Zinnwald Wendeplatz" directions_railway directions_bus (more frequently served) or from "Dubí, Cínovec, České pomezí" directions_railway directions_bus (nicer route).

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