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Historic railway station

Historic train station with small private railway museum

The Dubí train station on the Teplice Semmering Railway is located in a hairpin bend in the valley of the Bystřice stream. The trains that come from the direction of Most and continue on to the Erzgebirge ridge to Moldava have to change direction here.

A railway family acquired the historic station building some time ago and is gradually converting it into a small, lovingly designed railway museum. In addition to the historic waiting room, the offices of the dispatcher and station manager have also been restored in the style of the First Republic using railway technology from other stations and made accessible to the public. The project was created on a private initiative and is financed entirely from our own resources and donations.

The museum does not have fixed opening times, but is open most weekends during the season. Private visits and tours can be requested at any time. The contact person is the owner Mr. Karel Našinec (see email contact/phone number).


Ruská-nádraží 327
417 01 Dubí


Tel: +420 720 677 616


Opening hours

No fixed opening times (by arrangement), open most weekends in the hinking season.


Admission is free, donations to help maintain the museum are welcome.


guided tours in German and Czech



The Dubí directions_railway directions_bus train station is passed by the tourist railway line T8 from the direction of Most or Ústí nad Labem to Moldava.

The international bus line 398 to and from Dresden and Teplice also stop at a bus stop at Dubí train station directions_railway directions_bus / directions_railway directions_bus (approx. 250 meters walk from the bus stop to the train station/museum).

Parking spaces are available near the bus stop.

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