Euroregion Elbe/Labe

Kirche Fürstenau

Village church with an eventful Saxon-Bohemian history

There has been a church in Fürstenau since the 14th century. The current building dates from 1887.

In the old church there was a late Gothic Madonna altar. After the ban on pilgrimage in Austria-Hungary under Emperor Joseph II, the Catholic German Bohemians from the border area, especially from the nearby Vorderzinnwald, simply made their way across the border to worship the Madonna in the Protestant church in Fürstenau. There were some conflicts with the local population because of disturbances in church services, funerals and the evening dance in the inn. This even led to a court case, which, however, did not prohibit the pilgrimages.

So it happened that when the church was rebuilt in Fürstenau, the altar of the Madonna simply couldn't find any more space. It was given away to Vorderzinnwald and in 1887 transferred to the chapel built especially for it right on the border. The chapel no longer exists, the altar is now in the Teplice Regional Museum.

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