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Doksany monastery and castle

Oldest female Premonstratensian monastery in Bohemia

The monastery in Doksany (German: Doxan) was founded in 1144. During the Hussite wars it was burnt down in 1421 and was abolished in 1782 in the course of the Josephine reforms. It then served as a hospital and barracks, changed into private property and was rebuilt into a castle. At the end of the 19th century, the owner tried to resettle Premonstratensian women, but this was given up. After the Second World War, the castle was expropriated and used by the State manor in Roudnice as a breeding station for seeds. Since 1997 it was gradually acquired by the Roman Catholic Church and since 2003 Premonstratensian women have been living in the monastery again.

Little of the original Romanesque building has been preserved. The baroque reconstruction of the 17th century determines the appearance today. Since the monastery is again inhabited by nuns, only parts are open to the public, including the Romanesque crypt. A baroque style garden in an English landscape park is part of the complex.


Doksany 2
411 82 Doksany


Tel: +420 731 557 601



Opening hours

Visits and guided tours are possible by appointment by telephone.


The bus stop "Doksany, zámek" directions_railway directions_bus is right in front of the door.

Parking is possible in front of the building and in limited number along the street.

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