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Under Pressure - conference against fake news

On the 7th/8th A specialist conference on dealing with fake news in the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany will take place in Dresden on October 10.


From 07.10.-08.10.2022 the trinational conference Under Pressure on the topics of right-wing populism, conspiracy myths and fake news will take place at the Goethe-Institut Dresden. The following questions will be discussed: What can countries learn from each other when it comes to civil society support for refugees? And how can democratic actors work together across borders?

In the Czech Republic, Poland and (East) Germany there are numerous parallel developments with regard to dealing with right-wing populism, conspiracy ideologies and fake news. The political public in these countries is highly polarized. The influence of anti-democratic attitudes is growing, especially in rural areas. In the context of the disputes surrounding the corona pandemic or the conflict in Ukraine, we are seeing a significant increase in conspiracy stories and targeted disinformation.

New alliances have emerged between organized right-wing extremism, right-wing populism and supporters of conspiracy ideas. At the same time, committed people support the refugees from Ukraine who arrive in Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. All of these developments mean that democratic civil societies are moving into the focus of new undemocratic alliances and are coming under increasing pressure.

The specialist conference Under Pressure is a joint event by: Kulturbüro Sachsen eV , Bundesverband Mobileberatung eV and the Center for International Cultural Education at the Goethe-Institut Dresden in cooperation with the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation and the Foundation against Racism . Look forward to lectures, exchange, networking opportunities and discussions with numerous actors and experts, including Prof. Dr. Jens Christian Wagner, Dr. Olga Richterová and Bartosz Jozefiak.

The organizers would like to draw attention to another program highlight. Katharina Nocun will be released on Friday, October 7th, 2022 from her book “True Facts. What really helps against conspiracy narratives".

The full program can be found here .

You can register for the event here.

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