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Communication from the SAB to the project sponsors on the corona crisis

The outbreak of COVID-19 also affects the implementation of the cooperation program Saxony - Czech Republic 2014 - 2020. Read a message from the SAB here on how to deal with this situation.


1. General

The simplifications mentioned below do not represent a change in the existing legal framework for the implementation of cooperation projects. They are only intended to limit the negative effects of the COVID-19 crisis on program implementation.

If you want to take advantage of one of the aforementioned facilitations, you must credibly explain the connection between the current situation of your project and the corona crisis. On the basis of documents, you must be able to prove that you were unable to influence the costs incurred and that you took all due care to avoid or at least minimize the costs. You submit the documentation to the supervisory authority (SAB or CRR) together with the settlement of the expenses. When assessing the facts, the success of the project as a whole is primarily assessed. This includes the implementation of the activities, the achievement of the project goals and project results.

Even under the more difficult conditions, the regulations of the grant agreement, the joint implementation document including award regulations and the relevant regulations of the European Union continue to apply.

2 Funding of expenses for project activities

- Did you incur financial expenses for activities for your project that could not or only partially be carried out due to the COVID-19 crisis (e.g. room rental despite a canceled event, travel expenses, no reimbursement of participation fees already paid by the Organizer, cancellation fees), these expenses can be subsidized.

- If you are reimbursed or compensated for the costs incurred by another body (e.g. from insurance, short-time working allowance, etc.), this must be reported to the SAB / CRR. In this case, the eligible expenses will be reduced by the amount paid by third parties.

- Expenses that may arise in connection with the implementation of project activities in an alternative format (e.g. virtual meetings, e-learning and the like) must make a decisive contribution to the project objectives. They must be adequately documented and justified.

- Expenses for products or services that were planned for a project activity but can now be used at a different time or for another activity outside the project due to the COVID-19 crisis are not subsidized. This applies, for example, to items of equipment, gifts or prizes for competitions that were purchased by the beneficiary and are now used for another purpose.

3 Implementation of project activities

- Changes to the overall project are to be reported to SAB by the LP before the end of the project term.

- About changes that do not have any significant impact on the achievement of the project goals (e.g. postponement of events, change of the format of an event, such as "online" instead of "on site", extension of the project duration in order to catch up on activities ) the SAB decides.

- About major changes, such as B. the change of the expenditure and financing plan or the change of the project activities, which significantly impair the achievement of the project goals, is decided by the monitoring committee.

- Project activities that could not be implemented but are necessary to achieve the project objective must be made up for or replaced in consultation with the SAB.

- At this point it is expressly pointed out that the regulations of the procurement law according to the grant agreement as well as the joint implementation document - if they are to be applied - must be observed for the changed project activities.

4 deadlines at the supervisory authority

- Inform your supervisory authority (SAB or CRR) if you cannot meet deadlines. New appointments will be arranged with you unbureaucratically.

- If you urgently need a withdrawal, report it to your supervisory authority. Your current statement will be rescheduled or you will be asked to submit an additional payment request.

5 small project funds

For the beneficiaries of small projects, the regulations in paragraphs 1 to 4 apply analogously, whereby the notifications and information mentioned therein must be submitted to the respective responsible Euroregion. If you have any further questions, we recommend that you contact the relevant project secretariat in your Euroregion.

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