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“Banger” on November 1st at Czech Film Wednesday

On November 1st A current film at Film Wednesday: "Banger", a hard film in the drug and rap milieu of Prague, shot with an iPhone.


November 1st is Czech Film Wednesday again. Since this issue falls into the TDKT, this time there is no classic, but a current film: “Banger”.

The film follows Alex (Adam Mišík), a drug dealer with the best coke in Prague, for just a few hours. His goal: He has to quickly raise 5,000 euros to record a feat with the well-known rapper Sergei Barracuda (he really does exist). He should become a real Bagner and fulfill his dream of becoming a famous rapper. And above all, he should bring his girlfriend back. He is accompanied by his best friend Laďa ( Marsell Bendig, who won an award for this in Karlový Vary), who throws pretty much everything into himself. The film rushes through the evening until the bitter end.

Aesthetically, “Banger” is very unusual: It was shot entirely on an iPhone and always stays incredibly close to the characters. This really brings out the rushed mood.

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