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Help programs of the German-Czech Future Fund

The German-Czech Future Fund supports the actors of German-Czech cooperation in the Corona crisis with several special tenders.


Logo ZukunftsfondsFrom the press release of the German-Czech Future Fund:

For months now, the public space has been dominated by news about a certain virus. It noticeably affects our private lives and at the same time we at the Future Fund are also aware of the long-term effects it can have on German-Czech relations - on the actors who are committed to them and also on the German-Czech border area.

We have therefore prepared some new special tenders and hope to use them to help mitigate the expected consequences of the pandemic and the measures associated with it. At the same time, we would like this to pave the way for new ideas for German-Czech activities.

We keep going!

Aid program for German-Czech networks in overcoming the Corona crisis

With this program, we would like to help organizations and individuals who have successfully implemented a German-Czech project supported by us in 2018-2020 and have found themselves in a difficult financial situation due to the current crisis. The support is especially aimed at artists, cultural institutions, associations and actors in the field of culture and youth work.

Application deadline: 15.1.2021

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Help for the Border Area II

Border Area Social and Medical Mitigation Program


With this program we would like to mitigate the social and medical impact of the crisis on life in the German-Czech border area. We therefore support ACtivities of organizations that benefit those people who are particularly threatened by the pandemic.

Application deadline: 15.1.2021

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Help for organizations caring for Nazi victims in the Czech Republic


Because of their age and the ordeals they endured, Nazi victims who are still alive are among the most vulnerable groups of people The Future Fund has already taken care of them in the course of compensation payments and continues to focus its attention on them.

The organizations will be approached directly.

Digital or outdoor?

Special funding for German-Czech projects in times of Corona


To ensure that the world of German-Czech cooperation does not come to a complete standstill, we would like to use this special call for proposals to facilitate the planning and implementation of projects that take place using digital formats or as an outdoor activity.

Application deadline:

  • For applications for a grant of up to 4000 euros or 100 000 CZK continuously until 30.6.2021
  • .
  • For applications for a grant over 4000 euros or 100 000 CZK: at the usual quarterly deadlines (31.12.2020, 31.3.2021, 30.6.2021)

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New times? New directions!

Theme of the Year 2021


With the theme of the year, we are responding to current social events and the challenges they bring. Within the framework of this special program, we support, with up to 70% of the total costs, projects that focus on the joint reflection of the Corona crisis and its consequences for German-Czech cooperation.

Application deadline: the usual quarterly deadlines (12/31/2020, 3/31/2021, 6/30/2021, 9/30/2021, 12/31/2021)


More detailed information

For the days and weeks ahead, let us wish each other strong health - and enthusiasm in shaping good German-Czech relations under these difficult conditions!

Your Future Fund


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