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Living with our neighbours "face to face" instead of "back to back". The Euroregion Elbe/Labe brings people along the Saxon-Czech border together. Our goals are to build mutual trust and to promote cross-border cooperation in all fields.


Yes, the border is open. • 05.06.

Today at 12am the Czech-German border was reopened, at least from the Czech side.

The Czech government decided this morning that the Czech borders with neighboring countries would be open again from noon. Entry and exit are possible without restrictions.

Border already open tomorrow? • 04.06.

Prime minister Babiš announced today, that the Czech-German border is going to be complete opened already tomorrow.

During a visit to the Karlovy Vary Region, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš announced today, according to, that the government will hold an extraordinary meeting tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. to decide on the full opening of the borders with all neighbouring states. This should be effective from midnight, if it was up to him.


Germany is green - the border will be open soon! • 01.06.

The Czech government has decided that as of June 15th, there will be no restrictions on travel to and from safe countries - including Germany.

The Czech government installed today a system for classifying countries according to Corona risk, starting from June 15th. Safe countries are given the color green. Czech citizens can travel to and return from these countries without restrictions. It will also be possible to travel to the Czech Republic from these countries without restrictions.

How lucky: Germany is green!

Countries marked in orange are a less safe, so foreigners still need a negative corona test to enter the Czech Republic from there. Traveling back from the countries marked in red, even Czechs will need a negative Corona test


Only random border controls, trains runnig again • 25.05.

From tomorrow, checks will only be carried out at the border at random. Some cross-border Eurocity trains are running again.

The Czech government decided today that from tomorrow, May 26th, there will be no continuous border controls at the borders with Germany and Austria, only random checks. However, the general restrictions for entering Czechia remain, i.e. the requirement for a negative corona test and a good reason to travel (you can find more information here).

There are also some Eurocity trains running between Berlin and Prague. The traffic will be expanded in June. The Nationalparkbahn/U28 does not yet run cross-border again.


122. SandsteinSchweizer zum Download • 19.05.

Der Newsletter informiert monatlich mehr über Nationalpark-Natur, Genuss und regionale Themen.

Neben den monatlichen Informationen über Nationalpark-Natur, Genuss und die regionalen Themen, werden  in der aktuellen Herausgabe Potentiale und Problematiken aufgezeigt, um die Zeit zum „Umdenken“ zu nutzen, um neue Wege zu suchen, um auch in Krisen (wie zum Beispiel COVID-19) bestehen zu können.

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