Euroregion Elbe/Labe


Lookout tower on the highest mountain in the Lusatian Mountains in Saxony at 586 m

The 586 m high Valtenberg is located in the northeast corner of the Elbe / Labe Euroregion. It forms the western high point of the Lusatian mountains and therefore offers a great view in all directions from the 22 m high König-Johann-Turm on the summit. With good visibility you can see as far as the Giant Mountains.

The Wesenitz rises around 400 m south-east of the summit and flows into the Elbe in Heidenau and has created beautiful gorges and valleys on its way, e.g. north of Stolpen or near Lohmen.

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Hohwald Hohwaldschänke
01844 Neustadt in Sachsen


If you arrive by train, you can get off the train in Neukirch/Lausitz West directions_railway directions_bus and walk from there northwards about 2 km to the summit.

For a hike from the south to the peak you can start at the Hohwaldstraße, at the restaurant Jagdbaude. The Hohwaldschänke #bus stop #vvolink:33003864page_additional_html_foot_before_initpage_additional_html_foot_after_init## -->

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