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»Akumulátor 1« at Czech Film Wednesday

06.09.2023 • 20:00 • Zentralkino Dresden

Absurd comedy about fighting the world behind the screen that sucks our energy

Jan Svěrák's fantastic, genre-defining spectacle invites you into the world behind the television screen, in which there are images of people who live off our energy. The shy outsider Olda is one of the victims. A total loss of energy cannot be cured with aspirin, and so Olda, strengthened by the energy of the trees and an unexpected first love, is left with no choice but to pull out the remote control hanging damn low on his hip. Inspired by the American Terminators, Liquidators and Predators, he takes on the invincible TV monster.

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After his debut as a director, the historical comedy "Obecná škola" (1991) and the romantic road movie "Jízda" (1994), it seems as if in his third film Jan Svěrák used the then new technical possibilities that became available to him after the were available at the end of socialism would have really savored. In a typical Svěrák film about rather everyday stories of the "little man" he implements a good portion of ironic action and many imaginative ideas. The fine love story, on the other hand, is good Svěrák standard.

Despite all the good entertainment and excitement, the film also makes you think. In this day and age, it may not be television that robs many people of their time and energy, but other media may be doing it even more extensively and, above all, ubiquitously.

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CZ 1994, 102 min, original subtitles

Directed by Jan Svěrák

Actors: Petr Forman, Edita Brychta, Zdeněk Svěrák, Bolek Polívka, Věra Křesadlová, Daniela Kolářová, Ivan Vyskočil, Marek Vašut, Ladislav Smoljak

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The Zentralkino is located on the grounds of the (Kultur-) Kraftwerk Mitte (see site plan, no. 16). There are entrances at Wettiner Platz, from Könneritzstraße and from Ehrlichstraße.

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The large car park for Kraftwerk Mitte is located behind the railway embankment. Access is from Löbtauer Straße. From the car park you can get to the cinema through a passageway and via Könneritzstraße.

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