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»Musíme si pomáhat« (Divided We Fall) at Czech Film Wednesday

03.01.2024 • 20:00 • Zentralkino Dresden

Drama-comedy about a married couple who hides a Jew during World War II and at the same time has to come to terms with the Nazis

»Musíme si pomáhat« (Divided We Fall)
“Musíme si pomáhat” (We must stick together) (© Česká televize)

In a small Czech town, 1943. Josef (Bolek Polívka) and Marie Cizek (Anna Šišková), a childless couple, receive occasional visits from the Sudeten German Horst (Jaroslav Dušek). Josef was his superior before the occupation, but under the Nazis it is Horst who makes a career and also falls for Marie (no wonder, his wife is a Nazi fanatic from Saxony). He always knows how to use his newfound importance to his own advantage.

One day, David Wiener (Csongor Kassai), son of Josef's former employer, who escaped from the concentration camp, shows up. They hide him in a secret chamber and from then on have to constantly avoid situations in which there is a risk of discovery. Josef comes to terms with the Nazis in order to arouse less suspicion, and in return he has to accept the scorn of his neighbors. So he accepts the offer, which he had always rejected, to help Horst confiscate Jewish and other property. Of course, Horst's constant visits don't make it any easier.

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This film is a very good example of the often encountered characteristic of Czech cinematography of breaking down the big picture into the fates of simple people. Director Jan Hřebejk, screenwriter Petr Jarchovský and cameraman Jan Malíř already achieved this with regard to the Prague Spring in the film "Pelíšky" from 1999 (which was already shown on Film Wednesday), and a year later with regard to the even more difficult subject of the Nazi era with this film. That might explain the great success of both films.

Films about the cruel time of the Holocaust, war and occupation are usually characterized by an oppressive severity that hardly seems avoidable. In "Musíme si pomáhat" these major themes are by no means ignored, and yet the focus on the character and behavior of individual people and a hidden but noticeable humor give the film a certain lightness. Unlike many films about that time, you don't leave this film depressed.

What is also remarkable is how - probably especially screenwriter Petr Jarchovský - managed to design characters who evade a clear assessment of good and evil and therefore appear very human. The Cizeks are not shining, infallible heroes, the slimy and sometimes disgusting Horst is not just bad, and the judgmental neighbors also have their own shit on their hands.

In addition, there was no great showmanship. If this were a Hollywood film, the various possibilities for creating great drama, feelings and tension would not have gone unused. Here, however, much more attention is paid to the drawing of the figures in their difficult but everyday situations.

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CZ 2000, 120 min, OmdtU

Director: Jan Hřebejk

Actors: Bolek Polívka, Csongor Kassai, Jaroslav Dušek, Anna Šišková

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