Euroregion Elbe/Labe

Working Committee of Kommunalgemeinschaft Euroregion

The working committee meets several times a year and takes important decisions that go beyond the powers of the executive committee, mainly due to the strategic importance or financial impact.


The members of the Working Committee are elected from among the representatives at the General Assembly. According to the statutes, the state capital of Dresden has four seats, and all other members have one seat each. In addition, the members of the Executive Committee are automatically also members of the Working Committee.

name function or deputy
Dirk Hilbert President
Daniel Brade Vice President
Manuela Förster Vice President
Tilo Kießling further member of the board
Rüdiger Kubsch Managing Director
Ingo Flemming Veit Böhm
Martin Schulte-Wissermann Richard Kaniewski
Torsten Schulze Andrea Mühle
Uwe Vetterlein Christian Pinkert
Tobias Fuchs Frank Fiebiger
  Uwe Gebauer
Kerstin Körner none (Dippoldiswalde sends only one member to the council)

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