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Lookout tower at 736 m with a wide panoramic view

From the lookout tower on the 736 m high Studenec you have a wide panoramic view of the Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland, the Lusatian and Zittau Mountains, the Jizera and Giant Mountains, the Bohemian Central Mountains and the steep slopes of the Erzgebirge. Due to its height, the Studenec itself can easily be recognized from far away.

All around the mountain, natural forests have been preserved, especially beech forests with characteristic plant species. On the slopes there are some block fields where you can occasionally see chamois, which were released here in 1907.

A visit to Studenec can be combined with a visit to Zlatý vrch.


Líska 102
405 02 Česká Kamenice


The Penzion Kamzík in Studený, northwest of the mountain, includes a restaurant.

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The ascent to the summit is possible from different directions.

The shortest route starts in the village of Líska, where parking is available. At the entrance to Líska there is a bus stop "Česká Kamenice, Líska", but closer is the bus stop "Česká Kamenice, Líska, hor." on road 263.

You can reach Studenec from the northwest from Studený. There you can find the bus stop "Kunratice, Studený" and the only restaurant around, Penzion Kamzík.

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