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Neighboring language from the start!

The Saxon-Czech cooperation project aims to introduce even more children from the Saxon and Czech border areas to the language and culture of the neighboring country at an early stage.

Thanks to the cross-border cooperation of all four Saxon-Czech Euroregions and with professional support from LaNa and Tandem , model approaches for a neighboring language pool that is integrated into everyday life in daycare centers on both sides of the border will be tested, further developed together and sustainably anchored in the period from 2024 to 2026

Project measures at a glance

  • The 10 partner institutions from Saxony and the Czech Republic are jointly developing different models for learning the respective neighboring language in daycare centers; various methods are being established, evaluated and evaluated.
  • The neighboring language is to be offered as part of everyday life in more than 40 project daycare centers in the four Euroregions.
  • Other interested daycare centers are integrated through regular specialist exchanges in Euroregional daycare networks and through trial offers.
  • LaNa and Tandem take care of the professional support of the daycare centers and the further training of the language assistants.
  • Together with an expert advisory board, recommendations for action are derived for the sustainable establishment of early neighboring language education throughout the Saxon-Czech border area.

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Dates and events

Central dates for the entire Saxon-Czech border area:

12.-14.04.24 Voice animation workshop

04/29/24 Kick-off event

09/17/24 Trinational online daycare specialist forum

17.09.-01.10.24 Saxon-Czech children's festivals as part of the 1st action days around neighborhood and languages

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Professional support for the project daycare centers and language assistants

In addition to the regular professional exchange between the daycare centers in Euroregional daycare networks in the four Euroregions, which takes place twice a year, the educational specialists in the daycare teams as well as the language accompanists are trained and professionally supported by LaNa and Tandem in order to develop methodological, linguistic and intercultural skills to acquire skills. These include, among other things:

  • Training on the method of voice animation

  • Further training on methodology and materials for early neighborhood language education
  • Internships with experienced language accompanists
  • an annual Saxon-Czech specialist day
  • Collegial advice in the local daycare centers

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Trial offers for interested daycare centers

Your daycare center is not one of those that already regularly offers a neighboring language, but you would also like to give your children an opportunity to experience the language and culture of the neighboring country?
There is also an offer for this in the project!

Book trial lessons for free with Tandem , where trained language animators come to your daycare center.

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Expert Advisory Board

A joint German-Czech committee with representatives from science, educational practice and Euroregional development supports the project participants in evaluating the neighboring language educational work in the daycare networks and in deriving recommendations for action to politics and administration in order to ensure early neighboring language education in the entire Saxon-Czech border area to establish sustainably. Joint meetings take place twice a year.

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