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Czech Me Out: Live Bob Bleedy / Blue Uandi & BoLs/sLoB

03.03.2023 • 21:00 • Ostpol, Dresden

Czech out the most exciting new acts from Prague

Bob Bleedy
Blue Uandi

Blue Uandi:
Blue Uandi is a Czech pop duo oscillating between song-writing, club music and experimental electronica. Established by two childhood friends - singer/pianist Martin Konvička and producer/guitarist David Machovský, they made their debut in 2021 with the “1000 Braids” EP. Both having solid experience in other genres spanning jazz, prog-rock and traditional composition, they create soundscapes without relying on nothing else but their sense of wonder, constantly re-imagining the vast range of human emotion. They consistently strive to collaborate with artists in both musical and visual fields, to support their multifaceted identity and give life to their artistic vision. The upcoming series of single releases in 2022/23 will also be brought to live concerts for the first time!

Bob Bleedy:
Who are we without other people? Are we anything at all? This is the question that Bob Bleedy asks himself on his debut LP ‘Codependers’. The impulse to write the album came in the summer of 2020 that the then 24 – year old spent in his old childhood room at his parent’s house in Prague. Dropping out of
university in Berlin, a band breakup, and tumultuous fights with his father who disapproved of his intent to pursue a music career make up for a collection of songs dedicated to the most important people in the life of Bob Bleedy. While feeling bonded to them, Bleedy expresses his inability to stay authentic in the relationships.One of the strongest themes of the album is the dark wish for the end of the world.The failure to remove himself from the situations while wishing for an external disaster to resolve his inner conflicts makes Bleedy the true Codepender.

BoLs/sLoB is the project of twenty-year-old Matěj Dvořák, a Czech producer, rapper and singer who released his first recordings in 2017. But it is only under his current moniker BoLs/sLoB that he perfectly captures the colourful and metallic sounds of contemporary experimental electronica with shades of hyperpop.


Königsbrücker Straße 47
01099 Dresden


Die Straßenbahnhaltestelle "Bischofsweg" directions_railway directions_bus liegt keine 200 m entfernt. Sie wird mehreren Linien bedient.

Vom S-Bahn-Haltepunkt "Bischofsplatz" directions_railway directions_bus sind es rund 500 m Fußweg.

Parkplätze gibt es sehr wenige in der Umgebung. Auf der Königsbrücker Straße herrscht Parkverbot, das auch kontrolliert wird.

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