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Story breakfast: "Noble, noble ... noble palaces in Bohemia"

01.11.2020 • 10:30 o'clock • Castle Weesenstein, Müglitztal

Voyeuristic look into the castles of the Bohemian nobility

Bohemia's castles are incomparably richer than the aristocratic residences that still exist in Saxony. Those interested in history can discover original buildings or interiors from all eras. Dr. Andrea Dietrich - director of Weesenstein Castle - would like to bring you closer to the beautiful castles on the other side of the border, but also tell you stories of joys and sorrows behind their walls, of their residents and their fates.


Unfortunately, this event is already sold out / fully booked.


Note: All events of the 22nd Czech-German Culture Days 2020 will take place UNDER RESERVATION. Please note the current reports on the homepage as well as the general regulations regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.


Castle Weesenstein
Am Schloßberg 1
01809 Müglitztal