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Select Czech Republic: Tereza Semotamová - In the closet

27.05.2021 • 15:00 o'clock • online

Reading and discussion with the author and translator on May 27, 2021 at 3 p.m. online

Tereza Semotamová (© Richard Klíčník)
Tereza Semotamová (© Richard Klíčník)

Tereza Semotamová tells the story of Hana in her mid-thirties, who gets into a life crisis and decides to take an unusual step - she moves into a closet. In a discarded large wardrobe that she has put in a Prague backyard and in which she hides from the world.

In her new home in the closet, Hana is left alone by the other tenants and does not have to explain anything to anyone. For example, that she has been living in Germany recently, in a real apartment, in a steady relationship, with a steady job. And then the relationship broke up and her ex-boyfriend got a serious illness. That she broke up her tent in Germany and returned - and now somehow doesn't know what to do next. That she has to take a break and think. About their lives and their future and about the men. And that she therefore moved into this closet with a sleeping bag and an immersion heater. And with large plastic sheets for sealing. When it rains.

Tereza Semotamová (* 1983) is a prose writer, publicist and translator. She writes radio plays, features and columns, translates German-language literature, such as novels by Gregor Sander into Czech. In 2018, Tereza Semotamová reported for several months from the Czech Republic for the Eastern European magazine ostpol. Martina Lisa (* 1981) lives as a freelance translator and lecturer for German in Leipzig. Together with Tereza Semotamová, she publishes the OstroVers edition with contemporary Czech poetry at hochroth Verlag.

It is moderated by Leif Greinus from the Voland & Quist publishing house, where the German translation was published.

A joint event of the Czech Center Berlin , the Euroregion Elbe / Labe, the Dresden City Libraries and the Voland & Quist publishing house , with the kind support of the Czech Literature Center (ČLC) .


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