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Select Czech Republic: Petr Stančík "Pérák" - The superhero from Prague - November 10, 2021

10.11.2021 • 18:30 • Bibliothek Dresden-Neustadt

Reading and discussion with the author

When : November 10, 2021, 6:30 p.m.

Where : Library Neustadt, Königsbrücker Straße 26, 01099 Dresden

Entry : free

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Petr Stančík and Iris Milde present his exciting story from the Second World War: a man with steel springs on his shoes, who can jump unusually far and high, uses his skills to sabotage the German war economy. A resistance fighter and an elusive ghost above the rooftops of Prague at night. He was also involved in the assassination attempt on Reinhard Heydrich, Hitler's husband in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. The name of the mysterious hero is Franz Pérák - the jump man. In the novel, he falls in love with the beautiful resistance fighter Jitka, who fights with him against the occupiers. At the same time he tries to solve the riddle of his own identity. So who is Pérák, the superhero from Prague? The answer that Petr Stančík offers is beyond imagination power.


The writer, poet and playwright Petr Stančík (1968) delights readers in his diverse work with a mixture of facts, mysticism, humor and unbridled imagination. For his novel The Mummy Mill (Mlýn na mumie), published in 2014, Stančík received the Czech Republic's most prestigious literary prize Magnesia Litera. The bestseller has so far been translated into five languages. His sci-fi adventure for young readers H2O and the secret water mission was awarded the Golden Ribbon for best children's literature.


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